Hennessy Speaks Out!


Hennessy Speaks Out!

Following his interview on BBC Radio Five Live late last week, promoter Mick Hennessy reiterated his belief in the future glory that will shroud undefeated British and Commonwealth champion, Carl Froch. "I stand by everything I said, and more." Hennessy started. "Carl is an untapped revelation for British sport. He has the ability to transcend boxing and become one of the biggest sporting talents this country has ever produced."

He continued: "Inside the ring he has a quality that very few fighters hold. Carl has a unique style, a big fighting heart, a granite chin, lightning reflexes and dynamite in both fists.

"Carl is nailed-on to win genuine World titles and sweep up the division- that's guaranteed.

"Outside the ring, he is the consummate athlete and a great role model for his fellow professionals and young kids.

"In terms of dedication, conduct and enthusiasm- he has got what it takes to go to the top."

Recently, however, Carl's swift path to the top has slowed following surgery on his right hand- an injury sustained against Henry Porras in April.

Hennessy said:  "For me, Carl's conduct concerning his injury exemplifies his World championship destiny. In his last two fights, against Porras and Barney, despite carrying an injury on his power hand, he still oozed class. Carl's fights against Porras and Barney will be screened on the 27th  September and the 4th October, respectively, on British Eurosport at 7pm.

"Porras is a World gatekeeper of the division and was a big step up in class for Carl. But even with an injury, Carl forced a stoppage.

"Then he took on Matthew Barney, a proven operator on the European scene following his contentious loss against Tomas Ulrich, and still with only one hand, dismantled him.

"Carl always looks for any opportunity to take the opposition out and even late on he tried to take Barney out of the game.

"In my mind, it is this mentality that makes Carl popular with fight fans. People like to watch fighters who are hungry to entertain and prove they are the best."

Certainly box office records at Carl's home fights support Hennessy's claims

"After just sixteen fights Carl is one of the biggest draws in British
boxing. His last show saw him defend his British and Commonwealth titles in front of approximately 5,000 home city fans.

"That's a fantastic achievement at this stage of his career and one that can only grow as Carl fights his way to the top of the tree."

"As I recall, it wasn't until Hatton's 23rd fight, and Hamed's 19th, that they were headlining shows at big arenas. Carl has been doing it since his 12th fight and the crowds keep getting bigger and bigger.

With Carl recuperating from surgery, Hennessy outlined his forthcoming plans for his prodigious charge.

Hennessy said: "Carl will be fighting in early December and we are looking at some very interesting proposals.

"We're not looking for a warm up fight. We are looking for a real test. As it should be.

"I believe, following his return, Carl will be ready to make the next step onto the World stage and that includes Joe Calzaghe.

"Make no mistake about it - Carl is ready to dethrone Calzaghe in style.

Hennessy went on to explain the simplicity of making the fight: "So long as his team don't request options and other ridiculous deal breakers I really don't see why this fight can't happen.

"It is by far the biggest all-British fight on the table in recent years and one that would interest all of the broadcasters.

"You have two come-forward boxers who have traded insults in the media and I think that people would like to see them trade punches in the ring. I know that's what Carl wants.

"Given the right promotion, I believe a Froch-Calzaghe showdown has the broad appeal that would bring boxing back to the forefront of the British viewing public.

The renewed interest from broadcasters is a welcome sight for Hennessy.

"The more channels that get involved means the more exposure boxing gets. And that's great news for the sport.

"We've just done a deal with British Eurosport to show some action from  previous Hennessy Sports shows and over the next few weeks British fight  fans will have the opportunity to see unseen fight footage of Carl Froch,  Lee Meager and many more."

"Tomorrow, people will get to see how a hungry boxer should perform with an  injury. It is one of Carl's best fights to date and makes for great  television." Hennessy concluded.

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