Heavyweight Michael Grant speaks with Boxingtalk

By Brad Cooney


Heavyweight Michael Grant speaks with Boxingtalk

While attending the Juan Diaz/Billy Irwin fight at the Reliant Center in Houston Texas, Boxingtalk was fortunate enough to speak with one of the nice guys in boxing…heavyweight Michael Grant. One of the most impressive traits about Michael Grant  was his engaging personality, and his willingness to take out plenty of time for the fight fans as they approached him throughout the night. Grant speaks about training with Buddy McGirt, and his thoughts on a possible future bout with emerging Heavyweight Calvin Brock.

Brad Cooney: Michael thanks for talking with boxingtalk.com, what's the latest?

Michael Grant: Actually I am in camp right now with Buddy McGirt and I am staying very busy. Everyone out there can see that the heavyweight division is wide open, I don't want to speak prematurely on a lot of things, but the fact remains that the division is wide open and anybody at anytime can make a name for themselves. The population out there right now are looking for a genuine guy who they know has the potential to become who they want him to become. I am one of those candidates out there right now who can be one of the best heavyweight in the world.

Brad Cooney: Michael, a few minutes ago I noticed you and Teddy Atlas speaking at length. How are things between you and Teddy?

Michael Grant: Oh Teddy and I have a great relationship,  a whole lot of love for Teddy. I attend his foundation every year, it's a beautiful thing how Teddy and I maintain such a great relationship. Anytime I want to fight on ESPN I can call Teddy and we can possibly make some things happen if the right opponent is available. Other than that, my connections within the sport remains remarkable, I have many favors on my side in boxing. Basically all it takes for me is to work on the right physics concerning my size, my style, my height and put things together.

Brad Cooney: Michael, is Calvin Brock somebody you would take a look at?

Michael Grant: Yes, he definitely is in a position especially after a win over a guy like "Rhino" (Ettiene) I can see Main Events elevating him up, to step him up. It would be interesting to see how Calvin does against bigger, and taller guys. I hope they move him slow though, don't move him too fast. Don't do like they are doing with Jermaine Taylor, don't launch him up there. But anyway, Main Events is doing an excellent job with Calvin Brock, I think that he can make some noise in the division.  

Brad Cooney: Michael, what are your thoughts on Dominick Guinns recent losses?

Michael Grant: You know what, I have no idea... it is an unfortunate thing the way he rolled out. I think they counted him out before he even got started.

Brad Cooney: Michael, so currently you are training with Buddy McGirt, and things are looking up for you?

Michael Grant: Yes, currently I am training with Buddy, and things are good.

Brad Cooney: Michael, thanks for talking with boxingtalk enjoy the fight tonight.

Michael Grant: Brad, thank you.