Hatton to sign with Golden Boy Promotions?

By G. Leon and Ray O. Campbell Jr


Hatton to sign with Golden Boy Promotions?

Hatton planning late April, early May return!

For weeks Boxingtalk.com has been hearing rumbling that Golden Boy Promotions and representation of junior welterweight king Ricky "The Hitman" Hatton have been discussing the possibility of adding Hatton to GBP's ever growing stable of talent. Earlier today sources close to situation informed Boxingtalk.com that Golden Boy is the clear front runner amongst the American based promoters in the running to secure Hatton's services. In fact we've been told that a deal could be solidifed as early as next week.  Moments ago Boxingtalk was unable to reach Ricky on his cell, but we managed to get a hold of his father and manager Ray Hatton to find out which promoter is going to win the Ricky Hatton sweepstakes. 

Hatton confirmed that Golden Boy Promotions was among the finalists to ink Ricky, but wouldn't concede that Oscar and company are the frontrunners as this goes to print.

"They've made us a good offer and we're very interested, but there's still a couple of little things that have to be worked out," said Hatton who also informed Boxingtalk.com that Main Events and Dennis Hobson is in the mix.

"We haven't made up our mind on who we're signing with just yet. There's a couple of good offers, and we're pondering who we're going to go with."

When can we expect Hatton to sign with his next promoter?

"We always go away for our family vacation on January 19 and we expected to have this all sorted out before then."

One thing's for sure, Hatton's next fight will take place in late April or early May...in America!

"Obviously his next fight has got to be in America. Realistically we should have been in America two years ago. he was ready to come the minute he beat Vince Phillips and Ben Tackie. Obviously because of certain things we never got the opportunity and we had to put pressure on Frank because it look."

Where does Hatton stand with Dennis Hobson who promoted his title unifying effort against Carlos Maussa?

"The deal that we had with Dennis Hobson, was a one fight deal. Obviously if Dennis puts something together we'll look at it, but our next fight is going to be in America either way."

Golden Boy or Main Events shouldn't be too tough of a decision, one company is rapidly climbing through the ranks of boxing promoters, quickly catching up to the Arum's and King's of the world. The other is one or two losses away from being flushed down the toilet. And last time I checked Golden Boy has enough clout with HBO to get Hatton a Gatti fight... if Damgaard doesn't beat Gatti first of course.

Boxingtalk plans on speaking with junior welterweight king shortly so stay tuned to our front page for all the latest!


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