Hatton-Lazcano conference call transcript


Hatton-Lazcano conference call transcript

Richard Schaefer: Welcome everybody to an exciting week next week from Manchester, England. It’s going to be a tremendous showdown between the most exciting fighter in the sport, Ricky Hatton who we all know is always fighting his very best and he will do so again May 24. He will only do so but he needs to do so because Juan Lazcano, the fearless warrior here from the United States has made a name and reputation to always come to fight. It’s going to be an exciting battle. I saw Juan Lazcano a few weeks ago down in Houston where he is training with trainer Ronnie Shields. He is in an unbelievable shape and he really is coming to win.


                              So it’s going to be an amazing night of boxing, 55,000 people, Manchester City Soccer stadium. Tickets, Ricky really wants to see tickets to be available to his fight fans. This is a big thank you from Ricky to all the fight fans in the UK with ticket prices starting at 35 pounds. This fight is really a historic event.


                              Talking about an historic event, it is as well the first time that Golden Boy Promotions and VERSUS are working together here in the United States and we hope that it will be the first of many events we will do together. VERSUS over the last few years has really established itself as well as a network for fight fans, for boxing, for sports fans, and we hope that we will be able to bring many more exciting fights of this magnitude to VERSUS.


                              As David mentioned, the fight will be shown live here at 3:30 pm Eastern Time, 12:30 Pacific and it is a pleasure for me now to introduce to you the Executive Vice President of Programming And Production And Business Operations, Marc Fein from VERSUS.


Marc Fein:              I think it’s been everything I was going to say and I know you guys all want to speak more to Ricky than myself so I’ll be brief. But as Richard said, we’re really excited to be partnering with Golden Boy on this event. Obviously, Ricky Hatton being one of the, biggest most recognizable names in the sport of boxing for us to start a partnership with Golden Boy at this level is very exciting to watch and really will help continue to build our boxing franchise which as Richard mentioned is still its infancy at only two years old but we think we’ve established ourselves in the sport pretty good and boxing really does fit the VERSUS brand more so than a lot of, you know, other sports when you dig down deep because it’s real, it’s raw, it’s hard hitting and had such a passion on fan basis as we can see with 55,000 people coming out to see, you know, Ricky in England. So I'm really excited about it. Nick Charles and (Wally Matthews) are great expert commentators will be calling the fight and the fight will also be available in High Def on the VERSUS HD network as well so we’re excited about that.


                              And overall, again, just really excited to have this fight May 24 at 3:30 pm Eastern Time live and Ricky I'm happy to have you on the network.


Richard Schaefer:   This fight is promoted by Frank Maloney in association with Punch Promotions as well as Golden Boy. I really want to congratulate Ricky and his staff, Ray as well for establishing Punch Promotions. It is basically a pattern which they’re following similar like what we have done here with Golden Boy in the United States to empower fighters in the UK and it is really the first big event they are doing in the UK so congratulations to the Hattons for taking a step to become a promoter in boxing as well.


                              Having said that, it’s really is a pleasure for me to introduce this man, it’s an honor for me, he is the current IBO and Ring Magazine World Junior Welterweight Title, both of these belts will be on the line. He is known as the Hitman, he is fierce, he is really one of the most exciting fighters, period, and he is coming off, a tremendous in Las Vegas last year against Floyd Mayweather. He really has gained exposure in fans here with the gutsy performance against Floyd and he really is a fan favorite from everywhere around the world. The fans are following him and are behind him more than ever and that of course it’s Ricky "The Hitman" Hatton.


Ricky Hatton:         Thank you, Richard. It’s great to be back in action. For me, let's just say everybody knows - obviously, it’s not my last fight and the first defeat of my career and the knockout defeat so it’s very, very important that I bounce back strong. It’s an absolute dream come true being a big Manchester City football fan to get my dream to fight at the home ground of my halos really in many ways.


                              So, you know, to amaze me as the - for fan base and the support but I tend to get, I mean, 35,000 Brits went over to Las Vegas to watch my fight against Floyd and that has doubled any number,  doubled any number of fans that have previously gone over to support a British fight which I think some of the great British fights or battle over the years but to hold that battle so to speak is fantastic and again it turned out for the fight was Juan Lazcano 55,000 against 45,000 fans. Tickets were sold in four hours and to say, it’s incredible. I did lose against Floyd Mayweather but that was fine, the best pound for pound fight of the year and that was to move my weight division. I have been a junior welt so I attempt to fight versus the age of 70 and I think previously when I moved up so Welterweight against Collazo, we went to win the world title. So it was a struggle for me to go the case with Floyd and I think it just emphasized, you know, that I am a Junior Welterweight and that’s the title that’s for me.


                              My own defeat for the Welterweight Title but the fight that I didn’t lose to is the best fighter, the best 140-pound fight in the world and that’s what goes on the line well, the universally recognized Number 1 spot and a very worthy opponent Juan Lazcano.  He's one of the Top 10 now I have to say for many years, Juan has been in the Top 10 rank as the world champion. He left two defeats and have been the both the world champion for Castillo when Castillo was the Number 1 lightweight in the world and now.


                              So it’s very, very important when you've got 55,000 fans sitting up to support you the right opponent comes in and Lazcano is my kind of fighter. He is a good all around he can do pretty job than in the boxing ring but like Ricky Hatton really, really would like to give a backward step, and I say last fight when people 55,000 people wanting to come in watching boxing and they certainly got the right man in the ring for that.


                              So it should be a fantastic occasion, a fantastic atmosphere, I mean 55,000 fans, I'm going to make a hell of a rocket for 55,000 Ricky Hatton fans to say it will be a rocket will be an understatement and yeah, it’s my home career fight and it’s one - one of my way saying thank you to all the fans who come in over and support in my fight against Floyd Mayweather and these are the fans that have been over my last four fights I have been in the United States and not everybody in England can afford to go to the United States every time. So my way of saying thank you for all the years of support in many ways that you've given me and, you know, we’re going on about the number of people that have come in and, you know, an atmosphere will be, what an occasion will be.


                              It will only be a sensational night if Ricky Hatton gets the right result and the right performance and my training camp have gone absolutely second to none sparring partners who come in that’s been exceptional and my have got one more group and workout to my own may really have been we do the last week. We wind down our training, but to me, always the hardest training session of the training camp so I want some get that out the way. Let me just conserve energy and just count in the hours down there. I'm very excited fantastic to be involved with Frank Maloney has done a great job of putting the show together my same of Punch Promotions and also the fantastic such a continue relationship with Richard Schaefer, Oscar De La Hoya, and the Golden Boy team.


                              This is the move I want to make and well, in the coming but more for the future, you know, when I'm going down the road of being a promoter and it’s great of the association with Golden Boy because I think they've asked promotions, they have showed me and my team the professional way which in this case should be one and that’s the way that they've addressed over in the United States and I would like to back on board on the relationship in which would have we've been and I'm proud to have the association with Golden Boy and Rocky Marciano up become a great fighter because of the way they bounce back from defeat, I don’t think they would be on the all time great fighters.


                              So that’s the decision Ricky Hatton finds himself in. He is training very hard and if anyone knew I’ll have a trained but no, I'm not taking Juan Lazcano lightly, that’s all.


                              And Juan Lazcano is my type of fighter and we’re going to fight one hell of a battle and in true, Ricky Hatton's style, nobody will be falling asleep as to the usual.


                              So this fight I was looking forward to it. Thank you very much.




Dan Rafael:

ESPN                    Ricky, I was reading some things in the British press that you have been a little ill to the weather in the last couple of days with the chest cold or something like that -- can you speak about your physical condition right now?


Ricky Hatton:         Yeah. It wasn’t in the last couple of days. In fact, it’s a couple of weeks ago, probably about a week and a half to two weeks ago. I've got a little bit of a chest infection not - I was very chesty, coughing a lot and that so - I actually had a couple of days as far as my training goes. But I think it’s difficult and the media and made it look a lot worst and bigger than it I actually was really. I think there's nothing really to worry about just like with any illness or any injury or any, you just got to work around the problem at the time. It was a few weeks ago and…


Dan Rafael:             But you’re okay now, is that right?


Ricky Hatton:         Yes, fine, in really good form. I much rather get these illnesses, four weeks to go rather than, rather than four days before the fight.


                              But no, in absolutely fantastic shape. I mean, these things happen really when you do a 12-week training camp. Every time you worry that you get a sniffle or an injury or something like that. No, I'm absolutely jumping out my skin and looking forward to it.


Dan Rafael:             Let me ask you about following the Floyd Mayweather fight. How have you been mentally in terms of getting over that defeat and of course the way that the defeat happened being knocked out? How long did it take you to sort of come to the realization of what happened and, how are you now in the event of going to this fight?


Ricky Hatton:         I'm very, very strong mentally. I mean, I'm not saying the back side of thing but sometimes when you do, soak to the defeat, that’s exactly what it tends to do, and it just gives you a little bit more, in your training and your preparation and now you go about things, because obviously, you’re once - that was back and you sealed. Once you don’t beat him, when you feel like, again, you go back a little bit more something superior really and sometimes fight is no, it can't get be and get knocked out and then never the same again and I think that is what is in my preparation. I mean, there's been no difference on any every training camp really. I feel I'm showing improvement, working on good things in the gym, I'm very, very positive, and, obviously, how you feel in the gym, this is how you feel in the night. I'm very strong willed and strong minded if every penny that I have in the bank and the fact that made on being a great performance and it won't make it any difference, then I will do that in my all.


Dan Rafael:             I appreciate it. Let me ask one question to Marc Fein. Are you still there, Marc?


Marc Fein:              I am.


Dan Rafael:             Marc, you’re doing this fight with Golden Boy, you've had the exclusive agreement over the last I guess two years or so with Top Rank. Can you explain where that is and are you opening the door to other promoters or you’re going to now do something exclusive with Golden Boy or is this just the one-off situation. In other words, it looks like you sort of assess where the boxing programming is on VERSUS for the coming, you know, say the next tell for long year or so.


Marc Fein:              Sure. As mentioned, , we love boxing and more towards the last two years to help build it utilizing, you know, the Top Rank fight. As we are now two years into it, we're just basically stepping back and talking to, you know, everyone including Top Rank and some other people to kind of really figure out the future. And when this fight is brought to us by Golden Boy, it’s two different opportunity obviously to pass up to be able to have Ricky and the network and we'll, see how it does. I'm sure it will draw up some nice ratings and if it does, internally, we’ll take a look at things into the future. But right now, we don’t have any firm plans on continuing, deals or opening it up to others. We're just kind of taking one step at a time. But when you think of Ricky and the network, you can't pass that up. We will be in boxing.


Dan Rafael:             Okay. But when is your deal with Top Rank expire?


Marc Fein:              Soon.


Dan Rafael:             Okay. Fair enough.


Marc Fein:              Obviously, we don’t discuss the deal-specifics but it is soon expiring and again, we have a great relationship with them and they've done a good job with us and, I'm sure whatever we do in the future will continue to have discussions with them.


Dan Rafael:             Okay, Marc. Thank you, Ricky. Good luck in the fight. I appreciate it.


Ricky Hatton:         Yes, thank you.


Franklin McNeil

Newark Star Ledger: Ricky, I have two questions for you. First, was there anything you learned from your fight at 147 particularly against Floyd Mayweather or maybe helpful to get Juan Lazcano?


Ricky Hatton:         Yeah. My tactics against Floyd Mayweather. I mean, in all honesty, I think, a lot of people said about we don’t severely outclassed by Floyd Mayweather, well, everyone who fights Floyd Mayweather have got really outclassed but I felt that the guy was somebody who tried to outbox him or out-speed him or anything like that. I think it’s the guy who have tactics like me but I think at times, I went a little bit old and weaker, I mean a lot of that was frustration puts in, but no, I thought really the case of I have to go back to basics but there's one thing I've always been very, very good, over the years is setting my opponent officer in sharp so moving him into positions more. Those are the things that were going to outbox Mayweather but maybe it could have been a little bit more soaked in the approach. In the first couple of rounds, I was moving my head and jabbing as it was going in and that probably was working the street but some fans of Ricky Hatton sometimes, my best intention can't go out the window and that’s what hurt me really. I mean, just to be a little bit more patient and just realize what possibility has got, not just the crash band wall approach so to speak. And that was the one I want to use against Lazcano really, I've got this boxing ability than Juan Lazcano and I think this fight I could make it as I wanted depending on what attitude Ricky Hatton shows up with on the night if get and made it.


Franklin McNeil:     My last question for you is would you consider returning to the United States against say Paul Malignaggi if each of you guys win next week?


Ricky Hatton:         Absolutely. Yeah. That is the idea of having Paul in the under card. It’s important that we concentrate on our fight, it’s mine against something Juan Lazcano and mine against Lovemore N'dou for obviously the key is for me to win my fight, Paul to win his fight. Paul impressed like it is early in last time he looked very impressive against Lovemore N'dou but the last time against Herman Ngoudjo you maybe not seem so much.


                              So this is the fight where with outstanding performance is. We both reestablished ourselves and then I think that that will be the fans that come to the United States and fight Paul.


Franklin McNeil:     Preferably on the East Coast of the United States this time?


Ricky Hatton:         Yeah I mean, whenever, that something that will have to be discussed with the teams and obviously Golden Boy, but Madison Square Garden would be a dream come true all that will in turn a trip to Vegas because me and my fans we all have a good fan there.


Richard Schaefer:   You know, (Franklin), if everything goes well next week and then the idea would be to have Ricky back in the United States sometime in October, early November and there are conversations going on with the Madison Square Garden as one more possibility and Las Vegas as another one.


                              But we really don’t want to change it. We don’t want to really talk about it or we haven't really done anything because I know and I Ricky knows that he is going to have his hands full with Juan Lazcano and so of Malignaggi with N'dou.


Jerry Glicks

SecondsOut.com: Ricky, with all these - all the opponents such as Malignaggi as was just mentioned and there was some talk about Mayweather again and you have your first defeat a little bit on your mind you mentioned, are you having any problems focusing?


Ricky Hatton:         No, not at all. I think with that defeat from Mayweather, I think it makes it easier to focus. I have to say in this fight is what they are thinking about, I think. So no, it made easier to and maybe always, when you have your first defeat and a knockout defeat in the manner in which it was, obviously the critics in the table say, Ricky it might not never be the same again. So that - I think that is the inspiration in itself and I think if you could see me in my training camp, I was prepared, I'm always prepared. It’s getting important and now I'm prepared and a little bit more keen because obviously, we’re bouncing back from defeat but, no show in the Mayweather case.



Jerry Glicks:           Talking about your training camp a little bit, you mentioned how training was going and what do you, maintain against Lazcano that you’re looking at?


Ricky Hatton:         Well, I think in many, many fights, that I've had, like fighting which I've got and I outboxed him and took him apart from the outside before I moved in close and, against Ben Tackie where I was able to outbox Ben Tackie to 12 rounds and show my boxing ability and my footwork against fighter like Juan Urango.


                              I think that is the type of tactic I want to use for this fight. I think it’s a fight I can make and it’s always easier really. I think Lazcano is a very, very capable fighter, very good to fight but I don’t think he can beat me. I think I had him in most departments and I think if I want to make in head on  I could beat him but it could be a difficult night. Maybe I won't shine as much I should be. So I think I should use that boxing ability, that footwork and go through him - I’d like to go through a repertoire before being a little bit less intense on doing damage I think. One thing that I cannot is with the attitude is why 55,000 fans do come and watch me.


                              I think keep it straight ahead a sensible Hatton because the May fight, you know, a little bit easier, I mean, sometimes it do - it’s not what I intend to do that was back and show fans somewhat a little bit difference in this fight.


Jerry Glicks:           Thank you.


Operator:               Once again, if you’d like to post a question, please press star-1. Our next question is coming from (Manny Mayoney) of (Invideo Network Cable).


Manny Mayoney

Invideo Network Cable: First, congratulations to Golden Boy Promotions and VERSUS for joining forces.


                              Now, I have a question, for Ricky. Ricky, where do you see yourself if winning against Juan and would you have a rematch with Floyd Mayweather Jr.?


Ricky Hatton:         I would like to have a rematch with Floyd but, it’s very easy to say that but I think that the case for me is to reestablish myself in the sense, get back to winning ways, obviously or on a fantastic performance against Juan Lazcano and just to show it’s not the fight and to show everyone that wow, Ricky Hatton got a lot, lot more to us. And obviously, then a fight with Malignaggi unification match would be, a dream coming to the United States and if I can get that fight or win that fight as well, then I would like to think I will put myself firmly back a rematch with Floyd.


                              And looking back to the Floyd Mayweather fight, there's lots of things, I regret. There's lots of things that went beyond my control but I think there's lots of things to improve on really by the halfway stage, I think it was up for grabs but then, for some reason, some my fault, some not my fault. The last couple of rounds before the knockout it slips away a little bit but there's no reason to think I can't go on battle really. It’s  one thing that a defeat does for you and a knockout defeat but that it give you the kick of the backside I think but opens your eyes and it makes you, look up things closer, work a little bit harder and I don’t know. Sometimes, you know, a defeat can be the best thing or you and I think there is no reason I can't be better in the future.


Manny Mayoney:    And Ricky, how do you feel, I mean, such a crowd 55,000, you know, people?


Ricky Hatton:         Fifty thousand, yeah and my fans are noisier. They noise a lot, I mean, 55,000 of anyone's fan, so I would thought Ricky Hatton's fans.


                              This got an occasion, on fight. There's the fan that we don’t an all action fight, given this all, the occasion, the manner or the performance, the atmosphere. I think you've got the whole package with Ricky Hatton, if you're a boxing fan of mine. I don’t think there's more than that comes to the table but one thing is vastly important is that the performance matters in a fight that in the occasion with the shared performance if you like. It’s all about obviously the host of the shows, direct boost for the fans, a fantastic atmosphere but, the most important thing is that Ricky Hatton bounces back and says look, I'm back and I'm back better than ever.


Manny Mayoney:    That’s the great. That’s great. Now, one question. I want to ask Marc Fein.


Marc Fein:              Yes.


Manny Mayoney:    You know, we all know how important, how important the Hispanic market is here in the United States, especially I'd like to find out if it’s going to be broadcasted in Spanish.


Marc Fein:              For this particular fight, I do not believe. We will have staff available but it is something that we are, looking into for the future for a lot of our products into the - such an important audience. But for this fight coming up on May 24, unfortunately, as of now, it will not be available.


Operator:               Thank you. Our next question is coming from Tim Hobbs of Sky Sports.


Tim Hobbs

Sky Sports:           I see the gym has been shocked the gym probably which, does that tell us more about the intent or more about your popularity?


Ricky Hatton:         Oh, it’s not really more about my intent, although always been strong but even more so stronger with - again, not the last time out. Well, it’s more of the popularity. I think it shows in the way the tickets have gone to this fight. Forty five thousand tickets went in about four hours. So, it’s not the biggest of gym, it’s a very close knit gym But I'm not exaggerating. When you get in 50, 60, 70 people you don’t fight inside the gym. You could have four people watch in the gym in which it makes me feel very proud. We have to draw - we have to start drawing the line really. You don’t know, anybody could be putting the gym and supposedly, it’s not fair. It’s just not fair for me to fight in the gym there, it’s like, they’re all showing it for their own individual fight. I mean, it’s just the best thing to do and it’s not the case of getting as  paranoid about people might think. Oh, look he got too big fan, now, he is closing the doors. It’s not that. It’s just - it was getting too invariable to where it may. It’s just there are people coming from all over the country, from London, from New Castle, from Scotland and, I've always been very, very proud to do it. It was just getting to work.


Tim Hobbs:            Well, the Spanish, it’s been free if you've done it in Manchester. How much easier and how much noisier that to you and how much more of that might you feel or other the 55,000 there as your come back fight the world is watching. Is that going to be your fight you thought about boxing. You sound a lot more over that if I can say that.


Ricky Hatton:         Well, I'm always, that type of guy. But, I mean, it certainly makes it easier than flying halfway across the world with an eight-hour time difference and, that is the difficult side about fighting in America but for the British fight, there  across the world and, the time difference and sometimes changing climate does make it harder. But that was sort shining at the middle. It’s nice to be back really. It’s always been a dream of mine to fight in America and ( and Las Vegas and I fully enjoyed it and I'm going to go back there absolute certainty. But it is nice, to have the home support again. I don’t think there's been a fighter, they look at me as hero and all of that. I don’t think there's been a fight that was in the history at a fan base like I would really and it’s just - it takes my breath away really overwhelms me, the support. I don’t think that you call me fans anymore, you should calling me mate.


Tim Hobbs:            When you sat down and hash this out with Manchester Stadium, did you expect it to sell out in four days?


Ricky Hatton:         Well, the support I got in Las Vegas for the Floyd Mayweather fight was absolutely incredible. So when I announced the fight, I felt, it was a good chance to do in that. I mean, the last fight in Manchester three years ago, there were 22,000 and that was sold out in six hours.


                              So I had a feeling three years almost the same as sold in the last three years, we had a good chance to sell it out in the space and in the timing which we have sold it out. I mean, no, I did not expect that. 45,000 were sold in about four hours.         Every time someone takes the photo it must be an hour to six hours and that is like mind boggling and I want to pay for the fantastic support by turning around and saying look Ricky is back. He is back stronger than ever. I mean, no one comes closer to support I have.


Tim Hobbs:            Richard, I just want to ask you from a British perspective,  what 35,000 people in Vegas did and Ricky what did for Hispanic and America did you expect that Ricky Hatton phenomenon the way it happened or did you take America by storms and Golden Boy indeed?


Richard Schaefer:   Well, I really believe that, when it comes to fight, it’s really isn't so much about who wins or who loses. It’s the kind of performance you put up in the ring and the kind of performance Ricky put up in the ring against Floyd Mayweather where he really went toe to toe and he was fair and he really gave at his very best, this is what fight fans, not just in the United States but around the world really appreciate and like about Ricky. They know that when Ricky Hatton is going to enter the ring, they’re going to be entertained and they’re going to get their money's worth and they are going to have one heck of an exciting fight.


                              And the fact is, fight fans might have heard about Ricky but the 24/7 show and then his performance against Floyd really - he has really captured the heart of American fight fans and sport fans, period, and I have no doubt that Ricky Hatton today is bigger than he was before and more appreciated and more loved here in the United States and around the world. So I know that the American fight fans can't wait to see him life on VERSUS and then hopefully in the fall back here in the United States. So it really is testament to Ricky and Ricky is right, there is no other fighter, period, who comes even close on being able to sell 55,000 tickets…


Eddie Goldman

Secondsout Radio:     Ricky, I want to ask you about the selection of this fight of Juan Lazcano as an opponent. He has been a tough fighter but he hasn’t fought in 15 months and the last fight was the lost to Harris and Harris we know lost to Witter and then Witter just lost to Bradley. This kind of perception, this is sort of a - just a build up for the fight and the floor with Malignaggi, can you comment on that?


Ricky Hatton:         Well, I certainly don’t - I certainly don’t see as that way. I mean, it’s my come back fight in the sense that, I lost my ambition, I've got a loss by a knockout and I think I also, there's a lot of easier ways to be back into action I think going ahead, you know, coming out from a knockout defeat fighting in front of 55,000 I think is a testament - is Hatton working off as it is with that as the opponent. And - but I think, very good super opponent. I think if you look at my last six opponents, from Kostya Tszyu, Carlos Maussa, at the welterweight Luis Collazo, back down Juan Urango which is that another good win,  Juan Urango, then knocking out Castillo, then Floyd Mayweather again, I mean, they want me to fight Klitschko, I think…it’s all about we build and then reestablishing yourself a little bit but I think the fact that Malignaggi is on the under card should've beat less guy, you know, I'm going to beat Malignaggi that I want to go in there and face the man that knocks me out and shows my intentions to come back strong. Let me come back, he is right down a bit at so I think he is an additional opponent. I really do. He comes to fight and well, I think the fact that I think he shows what my intentions are on the under card and then obviously that will I'm going to say negotiation is probably a little bit far fetched but we have, consider the Mayweather.


Eddie Goldman:      I think the way Klitschko fought his last fight you’d be an eight-to-five favorite against him.


Ricky Hatton:         We’ll have to say whether he gives the weight away.


Eddie Goldman:      Thank you. But seriously, there also been reports that this might be your last fight in the UK, is there any truth to that? Obviously, going to get a huge crowd on May 24.


Ricky Hatton:         Yeah, that remains to be seen and obviously I've signed the deal with HBO and Golden Boy this is going to be place, we've got the association Golden Boy for this fight. I think the concept was signed fixed place in the next fight so the intention I think is to go back to America and the intention obviously the reason by having Malignaggi on the under card is to show that is what better one to do, you can never say never. There is a  good chance - this could be my last fight in England. But I mean, so thatmaybe Floyd would like to come over should I get passed Lazcano and Malignaggi to come to England. He has done so much in his career so far, there's not much more he can do and, he has got his fight coming up with Oscar. If he is to beat Oscar again, there isn't much more than Floyd can do maybe something that would beat come and fight out the United States for the first time and of course, I would come across to England and fight me. I have no doubt for the Floyd Mayweather fight in England. We could get 100,000 people probably on the stadium and obviously, Floyd is wanting to build his fan-based, , his popularity and appeals to the people and I think he would go down, go high, so high in people's estimation if you wish to, go ahead and fight me in my backyard like I fight him,, in his backyard. I think he would - I mean, as if his profile and this could have gone any higher. I think a funky really go for the estimation of fight fan if he come and do that and so it’s a possibility.


                              So as far as fighting in England, again, it could be my last fight. But I mean, that’s possibly not wanted to see what the future holds.