Hasim Rahman Transcript!

By G. Leon


Hasim Rahman Transcript!

"One fight, one night, one right and good night!"

GL: Boxingtalk here with former undisputed heavyweight champion, Hasim Rahman. Tell about it brother, how are you feeling Rock? "I'm feeling good Greg. I'm ready for war. I'm looking forward to November 12. Klitschko's going down. (Rock drops a napkin that is supposed to represent Klitschko to the floor). I've got no friendship there, I have no problem taking this guy's head off as soon as the bell rings. I have more at stake and I have everything to lose so I have to win this fight."

GL: The staredown lasted longer than your words at the podium. What's the story with the long staredowns? What do you see in his eyes?

Hasim Rahman: "It's my mission to not let him win a round, let alone the fight. I'm not going to let him win a minute of any round. I want this, I need this and I've got to have it. My mans and them want them new Lexus's, they're trying to be cool like you G.

"But look G, for me this fight is do or die. This is my career on the line and I'm preparing myself like I want it. Nothing's going to be able to stop me. I  need this and I got to have it."

GL: Without getting into any details of the situation I understand that despite you getting $4.2M as a result of the purse bid, at the end of the day you won't be making that much. Some people might look at that number and think you could be getting complacent. I understand at the end of the day it's not going to be anywhere near that number, how has that helped keep you hunrgy?

Hasim Rahman: "Forget what you heard, at the end of the day it will be relatively close to what it's supposed to be. Complacency isn't even an option. I'm looking for eight figures. I've got a family and I've got a crew and we've got to have it."

GL: After years with Don King, when did Bob Arum become your favorite promoter?

Hasim Rahman: "Bob Arum is trying to woo me, and whatever it is, I'm enjoying it."

GL: After the fight with Meehan people were looking forward to the fight with Klitschko and many gave you a strong chance of beating him. Then you faced Barrett, the fight was garbage, now people don't expect you to beat Klitschko based on your showing against Barrett. Does that criticism motivate more for this fight?

Hasim Rahman: "The Barrett fight was something that was essential to me to put Klitschko in a position where he had to fight me. That wasn't the Hasim Rahman you're going to see on November 12. I will fight come to fight, it's going to be one night, one fight, and one right. Good night! We going to break a few jaws so we can buy cars. You heard.

GL: I heard, you heard..it's Boxingtalk baby!

Hasim Rahman: "That's where you'll hear it. That's where you're going to get all the Hasim Rahman info and all the other hot fresh news at."

GL: We all know that you feel Klitschko's getting knocked out. Will it be early?

Hasim Rahman: "I would like to think that it's going to be before six, but he  might deny me that opportunity by not coming out, sitting on his stool and saying, I'm not going back out there in whatever language he's going to say it. Because he's very smart so he might say it in a few different languages."

GL: How important is it going to be for you to work your way inside and let your punches go in combination and not let Klitschko dance around on the outside as you allowed Barrett?

Hasim Rahman: "It's of utmost importance. It can't let him stay outside and I have to put pressure on him to make him feel uncomfortable. You know what has to be done G."

GL: Based on what we've seen on the Klitschko's, do you need to make this fight a battle of wills and a battle of heart?

Hasim Rahman: "Absolutely. I know my heart is bigger than his. They ain't been through what I been through. They don't come from where I come from and they couldn't survive where I came from. It doesn't matter if you put me in state penn or Penn State. I'll be good, Klitschko can't say that."

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