Harrison to face Danny Williams!


Harrison to face Danny Williams!

PRESS RELEASE: It was announced today Sports Network at the Sofitel St. James Hotel in central London that Audley Harrison will face Danny Williams on December 10th at the ExCel Centre, London. This is a fight that everyone wants to see and will be the biggest British heavyweight fight in more than a decade. This will be a one fight deal agreement between Warren and Harrison with Warren holding no further options on Harrison should the fighter prevail.  The fight will be promoted by Sports Network. 


Here are some quotes from the conference:


Audley Harrison on the negotiations:

“Last week was the first I knew about it. I came back for the Pride of Britain awards and was working on two good options to fight in the US when this fight was brought to my attention.  I thought the time was right. I had told my team to let me know if an opportunity presents itself in the UK and it did and I am pleased we were able to make something happen.”


“This is a one fight deal as I am independent and both sides have altered their conditions from the last time we talked. The timing suits us both and that made this fight possible. It isn’t about the money and I am not taking the money I should be getting for this fight, but it is time to give the fans something back and I am pleased for them that we are able to get this fight on.”


“You know how much I like terrestrial television so this is a good fight for ITV! It is a good way for me to finish the year and the bigger the stage, the better I perform. The show will also mark 25 years of Frank Warren promoting fights and how better way to celebrate than with his nemesis coming to ruin the party!”


Audley on Danny Williams:

“Danny fits the criteria of fighters I am looking for. I am number 14 in the WBC and WBO ratings and my next fight gets me into the top 10. I wanted to fight Jameel McCline but he quickly became Jameel “DeCline”. We looked at Shannon Briggs and at Vidoz but both kept me out. Danny is the same as those fighters and it was the right time to take this fight.”


“We go back a long way. I actually like Danny! I was on his flight home after his loss to Klitschko and I gave him a genuine hug when I saw him. I tried to big him up and it was from my heart.”


“His bravery is never in question but the beating that Danny took against Klitschko will have taken something out of him. I am not taking him lightly though – I will prepare as though this is a world title fight but I am still fresh and have lots to offer whereas I think Danny has had a lot taken from him.”


“It will be my toughest fight on paper.  But honestly, I think my science and my boxing ability make my other fights look easy. Danny can punch, he will be in good condition and have a good heart but I am looking to expose his weaknesses. Guts and a chin are not enough to beat a champion. People are always saying can I mix it, but can I take a shot? On December 10th you will see a top performance from me and my full arsenal of talents.”


“It will be a good measure for me. Danny was brutally beaten by Vitali so this fight will be a good chance for me to see where I am at. And to be honest, with respect, if I cant beat Danny, I am not going to be going where I want to be!”


Audley on preparation for the fight:

“I will be training in Las Vegas. I return tomorrow. I was meant to go back yesterday which just shows how quickly it has happened and that this has only been brought to my attention in the last week. But I will return a few weeks before the fight and it will be like the prodigal son returning!”


Audley on the future:

“After this fight, it is almost certain that I will fight early next year against a top 10 contender in a big co-promotion. After that fight is over, we are working for a title fight. So we are on course and things are looking very positive.”


“After I beat Danny I want my respect. I don’t want to hear that Danny was a shot fighter. I want to be given the credit that I deserve. This fight was a now or never situation. I could not have done it next year as it would be a backwards step. But when I beat Danny, hopefully everyone will get behind me and believe in me as I am going to the top.”


“It would be good if Skelton won a version of the world title and I did too next year. Then we can pack out a football stadium in the UK and finally get that fight on!”


Danny Williams on Audley:

“There is a sense of rivalry. I am raring to go and I just cant wait. My mouth is watering for it. But I like Audley and it will be good to finally get in the ring with him as it will be a fantastic fight.”


“It wont be as hard as my fight against Tyson or Klitschko but it will be a tough fight. I will work hard and you will see on the night.”


“Audley thinks that I have had a lot taken out of me and that it will be easy. It wont. I am training hard and I will be ready on the 10th.”