Harrison asks McCline: "Who's wearing the trousers on your team?"

By G. Leon


Harrison asks McCline: "Who's wearing the trousers on your team?"

GL: What's the latest Audley? "The latest is, obviously, Jameel on your website, accepted $200,000. We got Dan Goossen on the phone and we had about three people on the phone with Cedric Kushner and I know in every relationship somebody wears the trousers and I just want to know who wears the trousers on Jameel's team because Cedric Kushner said he doesn't care what Jameel says he's not taking the fight. Who's running things? Jameel or Cedric? The bottom line is Jameel says he wants the fight, I want the fight but his promoters says he doesn't care what Jameel says they're not taking the fight."

GL: What's the cause for that?

Audley Harrison: "That's the funny thing about it, because the money is right and everything. I don't know if Cedric is telling Jameel he's his boss behind the scenes, but we both want the fight and the money is right so there's some questions you should have for Cedric. I don't know if they're trying to hold his position or what, but no disrespect to Jameel it's not like the networks are lining up saying let's bring back Jameel McCline as a main event. That's why Jameel boxed Calvin Brock and that's why I'm surprised Jameel's people haven't accepted the fight."

GL: Do you think that maybe it has something to do with Cedric wanting something for himself on top of the $200,000 it would take to satisfy Jameel?

Audley Harrison: "Everybody knows what the figures are and everybody should know the math he got to box Calvin Brock and Chris Byrd for that matter. There's more money on the table for this fight, so that's more money for Cedric and more money for Jameel. And the only reason that money is on the table is because I want to fight him. I realize that beating Jameel McCline will help me advance my career.

"He's got rep and it makes sense for the fight to happen. Jameel needs to step up and tell Cedric what's what and that's the bottom line. Cedric said he's the one running things and the fight is not happening so I suggest that Jameel talks to his boss and takes the fight. Because the fight could be done it's just up to them. The bottom line is I'm ready to fight a name, but these guys Calvin Brock, Jameel McCline and Shannon Briggs refuse to step in the ring. We could get back on the phone with Cedric today but Jameel just needs to step up and tell his promoter what's what.


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