Harris Wants Tszyu and Mayweather, NOW!

By G. Leon


Harris Wants Tszyu and Mayweather, NOW!

Harris To Return On Gatti Undercard?

GL: Viv, can you give us your thoughts on Tszyu-Mitchell II? "I think it was a good fight, I just think Sharmba Mitchell fought like a little bitch. He didn't come to fight, he just ran around the ring. He wasn't determined, and he did nothing to let Kostya Tszyu know he was there. He was fighting like a bitch, Kostya Tszyu took advantage of that and knocked him out."

GL: What did you think about Tszyu's performance?

Vivian Harris: "Tszyu looked good. He hasn't fought in two years and looked great against someone fighting scared from round one. Mitchell didn't pick any shots and he was too shaky, that's what cost him the fight. If he would have been throwing a good solid jab and throwing good solid counter shots. He should have boxed and fought the right fight to see what Tszyu had later on in the fight. That was the real test for Tszyu, how he did later on in the fight."

"It was a little surprising the way he won, and Sharmba Mitchell definitely helped him look great. But you have to give all the credit to Tszyu because he's a great champion."

GL: What's the one message you'd like to relay to Kostya Tszyu?

VH: "Let's unify the titles, let's give the fans the best fight at junior welterweight. Let's give the fans a great fight, I want to fight the best and Floyd Mayweather has already made it perfectly clear that he doesn't want any parts of Vivian Harris.

"Floyd said I hit too hard and I'm too big for him, so the biggest fight out there is me and Kostya Tszyu and that's definitely a fight the fans want to see and I want to make this clear right now, I'm ready to fight him anywhere, anytime IN MY NEXT FIGHT! Ya Feel Me!

GL: During the post fight interviews the other night, you were finally seen on American TV for the first time since knocking out Hurtado in two rounds to become champion. Are you hoping the next time we see you on American TV, you're in the ring gloved up and ready to go?

VH: "Definitely. My fans will see my next fight on TV in America and we're looking to fight the best. I heard the network was talking a lot about Tszyu and Hatton but I don't think that's going to happen because I don't see Tszyu wanting to go to England, the money would have to be right."

GL: Don't you think the money would be right for that fight?

VH: "Even if it is, I don't see Tszyu going to England and everybody already knows Hatton never leaves his backyard."

GL: I've been hearing you could return on the undercard of Gatti-Leija on Jan. 29, what can you tell us about this?

VH: "That's something we're working on. So far that's the date we're working with but we're trying to get an opponent. I wanted to fight Floyd Mayweather. We don't want any bums, I just want to give the people the best fights. I want to unify the belts and become the unidsputed champion. I want to show the world who the best is. Now is my time!"


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