Haney makes Twitter call-outs

Compiled By Scott Shaffer


Haney makes Twitter call-outs

Devin Haney is searching for a big fight on Twitter, having the following exchanges with his fellow lightweight contenders:


Haney: "Where tf is Loma at!?!?!?"


Vasiliy Lomachenko (recovering from surgery): "I'm here!  I'm waiting for you cowards to decide on a real fight, and not on a Twitter fight."


Haney: "Waiting is not your best bet. I would think u learned that from the Teo fight." [referring to Lomachenko's loss to Teofimo Lopez]


Lomachenko: "Waiting is your favorite action, because you still haven't fought with anyone."

Haney to Jorge Linares: "Let’s be real... a contract was sent to your team? Did you decline because we haven’t heard back?"
Linares: "I don't think you're ready for April but I am and I wait for you."