Hamaguchi to face Dobbs in title fight tomorrow night!

By Cara Castronuova


Hamaguchi to face Dobbs in title fight tomorrow night!

The mini flyweight females will do their thing this Sunday night in Oklahoma City at Remington Park, battling it out for the vacant WIBA title belt.  Veteran boxer Dee Hamaguchi will fight Stephanie “All Action” Dobbs for the third time, having already fought Dobbs on two other occasions, beating her once and the second time fighting Dobbs to an exciting draw.

Many have described both fights as “fight of the night” on their respective cards. Both girls are excellent boxers with technical skills and both are known for their heart- throwing tons of punches and not giving up, even when hurt.  Therefore we can expect yet another great fight in Oklahoma City, with even higher stakes this time to up the excitement and emotion of the night.

"Another bout with Stephanie was too good to pass up," Hamaguchi said, "I enjoyed the first two and I know the fans did as well and June 18 will be more of the same only over eight rounds this time."

Hamaguchi is revered in the New York amateur boxing circuit for being the first female to sign up for the New York Golden Gloves in 1995, opening the doors for great female bouts in the tournament ever since.  She is a Yale graduate and a high school math and science teacher, as well as an acclaimed boxing photojournalist.  She will be fighting the more experience Hobbs in her hometown, and says she needs all the support she can get!  Boxingtalk will post the results on Sunday night, so check back!