Guzman issues $50,000 challenge!


Guzman issues $50,000 challenge!

PRESS RELEASE: Joan Guzman, W.B.O. Super Bantamweight Champion, and his New York based Manager Jose Nuñez, were far from impressed with I.B.F. Junior Featherweight Champion Israel Vazquez’s performance on Tuesday night. After Vazquez won a closer than necessary decision victory over journey man Armando Guerrero, Guzman and Nuñez presented a bold challenge to the Mexican gladiator. “I am tired of hearing this guy say he wants to unify the Junior Featherweight Championship.  Joan is here and has been here for over one year.  Vazquez and Guzman share the same promoter, Sycuan Ringside Promotions,” noted Nuñez.


“If a unification bout does not come to pass between Vazquez and Nuñez, I put the blame all on Vazquez and his manager, Frank Espinoza.”


Though Guzman was scheduled to watch the bout between Vazquez and Guerrero in person, he was unable to travel to Chicago due to last minute personal reasons.


Guzman did share these words, “For over a year, I have been calling out Vazquez, I am just waiting for him to step up to bat.  A bout between Vazquez and me would be a true treat for the fans.”


A much less diplomatic Nuñez closed with the following statement.


“I am sure and have been sure for well over a year that Guzman would kick Vazquez’s ass.  That being said, Guzman and I are willing to bet $50,000 dollars against Vazquez and his manager Espinoza.”


“Make the fight happen Israel.  Make it happen Frank.  If the fights never gets done, you guys punked out.  Put $50,000 on the line against our $50,000 and let the fans see who the true champion is at one hundred and twenty-two pounds!”