Guerrero to fight Abazi for vacant title tonight

By Michael Doss


Guerrero to fight Abazi for vacant title tonight

IBF fetherweight strap at stake in Denmark

Robert Guerrero is in Denmark, where tonight he will face Spend Abazi for the vacant IBF featherweight title, a belt Guerreo used to own. He lost it to Oralndo Salido, but was slotted in to fill the vacant title when Salido was stripped after apositive steroid test.

BT- How is everything Robert?

RG- Doing great, getting ready for this fight with Abazi!

BT- Tell me Robert, how did this fight with Spend Abazi come to fruition and what do you think about it?

RG- I guess that he is the mandatory to fight for the IBF and since I was the champion and what happened they decided to make me a mandatory as well to fight for the vacant title, I guess we are both mandatory.

BT- Most boxing fans know what happened in your last fight with Orlando Salido. You said after the fight that you thought that he had to be taking something because you hit him with everything and he didn’t move, can you talk more about that?

RG- Yeah, I hit him with shots that I knew should had did some damage and did a lot of damage to other guys that I fought but had no affect on him, like he was a machine, I knew something was up.

BT- After experiencing your second loss then finding out that he failed his post fight urinalysis did you feel a little better about things?

RG- I was kind of in a daze afterwards until I heard about the steroid thing. There was a lot of questions in my mind like how was this guy taking those shots, so solid, like right on the button, and then the body shots. The shots to the body always put wear on you even if you can take head shots but it didn’t seem like they were doing anything, so it was on my mind every day wondering what this guy did, how could he get in that kind of shape but then I found out how with the steroids and know I know the real reason why he took those shots.

BT- Even though the IBF is giving you a second chance at their belt do you really think that the loss should be on your ledger, you were the champion and Salido cheated. You are going to Denmark for the belt that you should have never really lost but are still going there with the blemish on your record, what do you think about that?

RG- You know, I’m not really even worried about that loss now.
I just thank god that the state athletic commission did a great job by fishing stuff out like that, I am just concerned about getting my belt back and I am not too worried about that second loss, I just have to get back. I have got a job that I have to do and I am going to take care of business.

BT- Speaking of taking care of business, the IBF is giving you another shot but you have to work even harder this time, especially fighting in Abazi’s home country. A lot of fighters go to Denmark and almost all of them come back without a belt. What are your thoughts about going to Denmark, where everyone will be against you, do you look as it of more of a motivational tool than a threat?

RG- Oh yeah, it is more of a motivation because I know that I have to go out there and make it happen. I am working very hard, learning as much as I have to learn on Abazi and breaking him down. I have a lot of tape on him and going on that I have to establish the perfect game plan that is basically going to destroy the guy.

BT- So you are not going there for a decision at all, are you?

RG- Were going to take this guy out, it comes down to working hard and we will be on top of our game on fight night.

BT- You just made the transition to Freddy Roach for this fight, tell the readers about that and about how it came together for you.

RG- Freddy is an awesome trainer, I have been learning so much from him because he has worked with a lot of southpaws and I really feel that it is bring the best out of me. He is working out a lot of speed and power with me and that is the kind of work that I need, get those hands firing and letting those shots go. Everybody knows that I am a big puncher and can be fast plus I am a tall featherweight with a good reach and he is using every tool that I have, sharpening it up and making everything better and it is working out really good so far, I am happy the way things are.

BT- No matter how everything turns out later, will you feel a void if you can never rematch Orlando Salido even though he tested positive for steroids?

RG- I have thought about that but when a man cheats they don’t deserve to win or fight. I don’t feel that cheaters should get an opportunity again.

BT- Robert, any words for your fans and what they can expect from you?

RG- I am going to bring my title back and will go out there and prove that I am the best and will bring my title home.
Abazi better be ready.