Guerrero, Litzau prepared for battle tonight


Guerrero, Litzau prepared for battle tonight

IBF Feathewrweight champion weighed in right at the feathwerweight limit of 126 pounds for his title defense tonight, while challenger Jason Litzau was one pound lighter at 125. Guerrero had the following to say about the fight, which will be shown on Showtime: "Training camp has been great.  I made the weight much easier for this fight compared to others in the past.  I will remain at 126 pounds for a few more fights. I feel really good right now; actually, it's the best I've ever felt before a fight in a long time. Litzau is a very tough opponent.  Knowing that he's going to be fighting in his first world title bout, I know he's coming to fight.  (But) Whatever style he brings I'll have a game plan to counter it. "Right now my wife is in remission with her cancer. With all the prayers and support from family and friends, I'm extremely grateful for all the love. I'm truly blessed to have such great support.  I also want to acknowledge my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Without God, I'm nothing."


"With my dad back in the corner I feel really comfortable and confident that together we will be victorious.  He was the first person to lace me up with a pair of boxing gloves and he's the right person for me to guide my corner.

"I expect Litzau to be real cautious in this fight. He'll probably try to box and use the ring to his advantage.  I don't think he wants to stand in the pocket and exchange with me.

"The Tachi Palace is a great, fun place to fight and it's a sold out crowd, who will be live and full of energy. I have a ton of Bay Area fans coming to see me. I love it and can't wait to get in the ring.

"It's exciting to be fighting on Showtime again. No doubt this is the network where I shine best.  I'm truly appreciative for the opportunity that Showtime  has continued to give me.  I want to show all the fans as well as the executives that I'm a TV type of fighter, the kind of fighter everyone can appreciate.''


"Boxing's a gamble but I'm ready to ramble.

"This is the dream, to win a world title, and I am as prepared as I can be. I am going to leave it all in the ring Friday night. I am prepared for a war but that doesn't mean I am going to just come out throwing bombs and fighting stupidly. I have a back-up plan.

"I have overcome a lot in my life, but I have made it this far. It's been a struggle, but things happen for a reason and now my opportunity is here. This is a chance to make my live and the lives of those closest to me and around me a lot better. The thing is, I am so calm right now.

"I have believed my whole life that things would work out, and this is the chance to make it happen.

"I am ready for anything Guerrero brings. I know he fights dirty, but I have trained with some pretty dirty guys myself. That kind of stuff, though, I leave to the referee to handle. That's his job.

"I'm just in to do my job, which is to win.

"Working with Buddy (McGirt) has been great. He has taught me a lot. He has made me smarter and more open-minded. I have sacrificed. I am dedicated. Friday is going to be a great night.''