Green on fighting Miranda: "This is going to be a shutout, I'm going to humiliate him, destroy him and knock him out."

By G. Leon


Green on fighting Miranda: "This is going to be a shutout, I'm going to humiliate him, destroy him and knock him out."

GL: Can you give us some thoughts about your upcoming fight with Edison Miranda? "I'm glad that I'm getting the opportunity to fight on HBO. I feel it's long overdue and I feel like I've been matched with the perfect opponent."

GL: Why do you say that?

Allan Green: "He has only one way to beat me and that's by catching me with a clean shot and knocking me out. I have about ten different ways I could beat him. He's going to be wishing for that shot all night and if he does catch me it's not going to mean anything. Everybody wants to go by when I got knocked down by Donnie McCrary, but you have to understand that's not a fightI was up for at all. Jerson Ravelo hit me twice as hard and I didn't go nowhere. Like I said he has one way and one way only. Everybody is talking about this guy as a power-puncher but that's bullshit. He's only knocked out one elite fighter and that's Howard Eastman. Willie Gibbs doesn't count. Daniel Edouard doesn't punch and he stopped Willie Gibbs. He's stopped one elite fighter and that's Howard Eastman, so I don't want to hear no more shit with people saying he's a puncher. I'm a puncher also and he's going to have to worry about my power just as much as I'm going to have to worry about his."

GL: Kelly Pavlik just won on HBO the other night, since that victory a lot of people have been talking about Pavlik facing Miranda down the line. A lot of people are almost overlooking you and his fight on March 3, how do you feel about that?

AG: "It doesn't bother me at all. The people who like to call themselves experts are the same people who thought Jerson Ravelo to beat me or Jaidon Codrington to beat me. They're calling themselves experts but they're just hype groupies. It takes just one person to start screaming about a guy and then everyone else just jumps on board. None of the first 16 guys he knocked out had a win on their record. He beat one fighter, Howard Eastman. What else has he done? Who wouldn't knock Willie Gibbs out? He's been done for a while."

GL: Did you have a chance to see Miranda's fight with Abraham?

AG: "Of course I saw it. Like I said, he just showed me and everyone that he is fragile mentally. He hit this guy with everything but the kitchen sink and did nothing. He had a broken guy, a wounded Buffalo in front of him and he could not finish him. So is he really such a puncher? This is going to be a shutout, I'm going to humiliate him, destroy him and knock him out. Remember I'm the one who wanted this fight. They were going to try and fight Pavlik instead, but I wanted this fight."

GL: What are you hoping a victory over Miranda does for your career?

AG: "It should do a lot for me. I'm expecting to beat his ass and knock him out and whatever happens after that happens."

GL: Do you ever plan on fighting at middleweight?

AG: "Definitely. I would have loved to make this fight at 160, but for some reason we're going to be fighting at 162. After this fight I will continue to contend as a middleweight."

GL: With that being said do you hope a victory on March 3 leads to all of the possibilities people are speculating about for Miranda?

AG: "Absolutely. And a guy like Miranda, he can get away with fighting Kelly Pavlik but Jermain Taylor would beat his ass. Edison Miranda is the poster child for being one dimensional. He's a middleweight Kid Diamond. Like I said he's only beaten Howard Eastman, that's it. I'm not trying to diss Willie Gibbs, but he's done and how he got on HBO I'll never know. But on March  I'm going to beat the shit out of him and send him back to Columbia broke with a broken jaw and a broken spirit."


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