Graham Earl ready to come back to reality with a dangerous fight!


Graham Earl ready to come back to reality with a dangerous fight!

PRESS RELEASE: With only New Year's Eve left to celebrate, British and Commonwealth lightweight champion Graham Earl is chomping at the bit for January 27th to come around so he can celebrate his holidays all in one go, roughly a month too late. And the Luton man is steaming about having to reschedule the time with his family. The object of Earl's anger on that date will be world class Belarussian lightweight Yuri Romanov and the double champion knows that he cannot flinch in this clash with the dangerous Brit killer. Neither fighter can afford a loss on the Maloney Promotions card at the Goresbrook Leisure Centre in Dagenham, England as the winner of this genuine scrap will go onto meaningful world class fights while the loser will have no where to go.

Graham Earl intends to put a stop to Romanov coming to British shores and beating the top domestic lightweights "He already has the scalps of Bobby Vanzie and Steve Murray sitting on his mantelpiece but he is not going to get mine because if he does then he will be entitled to drape the Union Jack over his mantelpiece as well and claim that he owns our lightweight division," said the iron chinned British and Commonwealth Champion.

Earl went on to add "I have given up Christmas and the New Year and missed taking my family to a Christmas Pantomime; there is no way Romanov will get my scalp to take back to Belarussia!"

This contest has been rescheduled from October 05 due to a rib injury suffered by Earl but the extra preparation time has been a blessing in disguise. Earl's trainer Johnny Eames has said that the British public will see a much fitter, determined and classier fighter in Earl on the 27th of January.

"This time we have been able to concentrate on coaching and technique work, not just getting him fit to fight," said Eames.

This show will also feature what Maloney Promotions believe to be one of the best young stables in British boxing and the London based firm has gone as far as to say that three of the boys on this promotion will go on to become major players on the world stage in the very near future.

Tickets are now on sale for this real lightweight battle, which takes place on January 27th 2006 at the Goresbrook Leisure Centre in Dagenham