Gotzev: Peter will knock Maskaev out..."NO DOUBT!"

By G. Leon


Gotzev: Peter will knock Maskaev out..."NO DOUBT!"

GL: Can you give us some thoughts on Samuel's performance? "I would say that he shined and he showed the world that he's going to become a star in this division, by easily defeating James Toney."

GL: Were you surprised by the one sided nature of this fight?

Ivaylo Gotzev: "Not at all. After the experience of the previous fight we knew it was going to be a lot easier this time. The experience from the first fight paid dividends. We showed the world that he's not a one dimensional puncher, he's got skills. It's hard to get a guy to get out of the mold of being a knockout artist, but now he's starting to use the rest of his tools and assets."

GL: What do you think about James Toney he only gave Peter three rounds at most?

IG: "James Toney probably couldn't think straight after the fight and I don't blame him after all of the heavy shots he's taken to the head. As far as James being proud and tough as nails, we give him that. He's a warrior and he proved it again. I don't think any other heavyweight would have stood up to what he was throwing at James. James tried...he certainly tried, he just ran in to the best heavyweigt in the world."

GL: When can we expect the Maskaev-Peter fight to take place?

IG: "Samuel is so healthy coming out of this fight that he worked out the day after the fight. We want to fight as early as March. We're ready to go and we basically can't wait to fight for the WBC belt."

GL: How does the Maskaev-Peter fight play out?

IG: "The Maskaev fight is going to last, basically as long as Samuel wants it to. Maskaev is a tough opponent, but he comes to you and he's a much easier style for Samuel. It's only a matter of time before he becomes the WBC champion and there's no doubt in my mind that Samuel will be crowned WBC heavyweight champion in his next fight. "


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