Goossen speaks on Williams victory and more

BY G. Leon


Goossen speaks on Williams victory and more

GL:  Congratulations on Paul's victory over Antonio Margarito.  Can you give us some thoughts on his performance? "Exactly what we said going into the fight.  He would put constant pressure on Margarito, and throw punches from every angle conceivable, and do it consistently.  That's what Paul did."

GL:  Do you feel it was a close fight?  Do you feel that he won it running away?

DG:  It was a good solid fight, I thought he won it unanimously.  Keep in mind that Margarito has been a fighter, who in the last few years, has thrown a high output of punches.  In this fight Paul never allowed him to get into that rhythm, never allowed him to get into that mode.  Paul was not only effective,  delivering punches at the same average he's been accustomed to, but in also preventing Margarito from doing what he had been accustomed to.  He's used to delivering over 100 punches a round, which was pretty much cut in half on this particular fight.  Which shows you that a good offense, which Paul has, keeps the other fighter on the defensive.

GL:  How long will the cut that Paul suffered during the fight keep him out of action?  Will it affect his future plans?

DG:  NO, it was eight stitches that were put in that night, so he'll be fine and ready to go.

GL:  Where does he go from here?  Who would you like to see him fight next?

DG:  We'd like to see Cotto.  Boxing has really taken some steps forward during the past six months, and that is trying to put the best against the best.  Whether they are promoted by the same promoter or not, and really, Greg, that's what we've got to continue doing.  If Cotto fights Shane Mosley, he gets a pass on fighting Paul.  He'd get a pass on trying to prove he's better than Paul Williams.  If he doesn't fight a Shane Mosley, and fights someone of less ilk than Paul Williams, then what we're doing is reverting back to what hurt boxing for the last five to ten years.  That is the best not fighting the best.  One page we can learn from sports, is that in boxing we put too much emphasis on being undefeated.  What boxing wants to see right now is great fights, whether it's between two fighters who are undefeated, or two tough fighters, where one of them is undefeated and one isn't.  It doesn't matter anymore.

GL:  So, with that being said, the next time we see Paul Williams in the ring, it will be with the best available opposition.  It would be the most competitive fight you could make, correct?

DG:  You can bank on that.  What we've got to get to in boxing is who is the king of the mountain.  Who is the real welterweight champion? Who is the best?  You don't get it by saying you are, you get it by proving you are.  That's what we want to do.  That's what Paul wants to do, and that's what we're going to set out to do."


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