Goossen signs Olympian Shawn Estrada


Goossen signs Olympian Shawn Estrada

Press Release: LA-based promoter Dan Goossen has reached a promotional deal with 2008 Olympic middleweight Shawn Estrada.  Goossen, President of Goossen Tutor Promotions, previously guided the career of Philadelphia’s David Reid – the Olympic Gold Medal winner in the 156-lb class in the 1996 games in Atlanta – to a World Light Middleweight Championship, and currently promotes 2004 Olympic Gold medalist Andre Ward, a native of Oakland, California (16-0, 11 KOs). Goossen didn’t have to look as far away as Philadelphia or even Oakland to sign his newest Olympian, as the 23-year old Estrada – managed by Bravo Boxing Management (Arnulfo Bravo, Don Morandini and Eric Scholnick) and trained by Rodrigo Mosquera and co-trained by Arnulfo Bravo – hails from nearby East Los Angeles.   

Millions of viewers, who watched the 23-year old Estrada in the recent Beijing Olympics, witnessed a courageous performance under extremely adverse circumstances by this heavy-hearted young boxer.  It was the dream of Juan Estrada to see his son, Shawn, compete in the Olympics.  However, failing health prohibited the elder Estrada from traveling to Beijing.  While able to watch his son on television handily defeat his Argentine opponent in his opening bout – Juan’s condition deteriorated by the time of Shawn’s second round match with Great Britain’s James Degale, and he was unable to watch the bout.  Shawn lost a decision to the eventual 165-pound Gold medalist that night, and his adoring father passed away the next morning.

“We are very excited to be part of a tough and talented local young fighter of Shawn’s caliber and character,” Goossen stated.  “His Olympic story was a compelling -- and heartbreaking -- one and, to be able to compose himself to get into the ring in Beijing speaks volumes as to his heart and dedication.  Over the past 12 years we have promoted the two best American Olympic boxers -- both gold medalists -- and we strongly believe that Shawn has the desire and ability to achieve the heights of success afforded elite Gold medalists in the professional ranks. 

“I am very excited signing and working with Goossen Tutor,” Estrada beamed.  “My manager Bravo used to fight for the Goossens and was trained by Joe Goossen. He advised me that Goossen Tutor Promotions can take me to the top.  I can’t wait to make my pro debut and see all my fans cheering me on."

“From day one with Shawn I knew that he had potential to be an Olympian and an even better professional boxer,” Bravo offered.  “That’s because he had a pro style and could punch with both hands, which was better suited for the pros rather than the Olympic scoring system.  He is a boxer-puncher; he possesses the entire package of offense and defense.  He can box with you or knock you out with either hand.  And, at 6-1, he is a big, strong middleweight.  He has potential of being a world champion moved right. 

“And we believe that Goossen Tutor can do that for him.  They know this market better than any other promoter and Dan has had a lot of world champions and has been bringing young fighters to the top for many years.  They are very high on Shawn being one of the top dogs at Goossen Tutor.  I’m impressed at the way they moved David Reid and are moving Andre Ward now.  They know what they are doing.” 

“Goossen Tutor is very proud of their track-record in handling the sensitive balance of developing fighters from the ground up,” Goossen pointed out. “Even with boxers who came up short of realizing their Olympic dreams such as Michael Nunn, and Mike Tyson, who were 1984 Olympic alternates, their ascension in the professional ranks were handled as if they were the elite Gold medalists." 

“Knowing the dedication Shawn has in reaching his goal of becoming a World Champion will make working with him and his management team a delight so that our combined efforts can support Shawn in realizing his full potential and dreams.”

A press conference will be held this Wednesday announcing Shawn’s professional debut.