Goossen expects to go 2 for 2 on Showtime this weekend!

By G. Leon


Goossen expects to go 2 for 2 on Showtime this weekend!

GL: Can you give us some final thoughts on this weekend's heavyweight showdown on Showtime between James Toney and Samuel Peter? "This is Boxingtalk, so I know these won't be my final thoughts Greg, maybe we call them 'beginning of fight week final thoughts.' We're really anticipating this event Saturday, it's gotten a tremendous buzz from fans and it's one of the most interesting heavyweight fights that has been made in the last couple of years."
GL: You presented James with a birthday cake the other day, hopefully he didn't eat too much of it.
Dan Goossen: "If you took a look at him during his open workout with the media last Thursday, he looked impressive, so I'm not as concerned about his weight as I am about him being in tiptop shape. It's not as if I've overseen his training, I don't need to, because it has always been up to James.  He was determined to working the same way he did prior to the Holyfield fight. I think he looks great, he's in tremendous shape which spells trouble for the other corner---James Toney is best with his back against the wall, and Saturday night he will take control of the heavyweight division."
GL: After the Rahman fight you expressed concern over James smoking cigars. Do you no longer have that concern?

DG: "I know James hasn't become a closet smoker on my behalf, what I do know is that James has virtually cut back totally on his cigar smoking, which has been a tremendous benefit to him. A fighter such as James, needs every asset they have to be able to perform at the level that his God given talents will allow, and as you know he's always said that he was born to fight. A tired man, or out of conditioned man, doesn't perform as well. James is doing all of the things that he needs to do to be successful Saturday night and when he does that there isn't a better heavyweight in the world than James Toney."
GL: James is one of the last guys anyone would every expect to see get knocked out, but Peter is clearly the hardest hitting heavyweight that he's been matched against thus far. Does Peter's power concern you?

DG: "I've always been a believer, whether it was James Toney, Michael Nunn, Rafael and Gabe Ruelas, that I was more concerned with our fighters abilities and preparations, rather than the opponent. You always know your fighters strengths and weaknesses and the type of training caamp they enjoyed. In other words, with James Toney taking care of the hard work, preparing for the fight, Samuel Peter is the one who has to worry about James Toney and not the other way around.  I'm really looking forward to James showing the heavyweights what fighting is all about Saturday night at Staples.  You can believe the fans will be going nuts for him, that's one of the other reasons I'm so excited about the fight."
GL: Robert Guerrero challenges for his first major world title in the co-feature vs. Eric Aiken. Can you give us some thoughts on that fight?
DG: "There's something about losing, when you shouldn't have lost. It's like you smack yourself in the side of the head and ask, why did I allow this to happen? It wasn't Robert's time to have a loss on his record and what I mean by that, he was the better fighter but didn't perform like it. But what that allows you to do is become a better fighter, especially from a mental standpoint.  Physical abilities alone, don't make you a champion.  The mental aspect of this sport, is as big, if not bigger than the physical part.  I'm not trying to make a positive out of a negative situation, but what I think that fight has done is prevented Robert from losing focus in the future, kind of a, I can lose any fight if I don't pay attention to every aspect of my preparation. Saturday, I'm confident we will see the best 126 and 130 pound fighter out there.
GL: The best 126 and 130 pound fighter?

DG: "Look at his frame Greg. I'm amazed that he can make 126, but he's comfortable making it and it's not tough for him to do it at this stage of his career.  Growth you can't control, and he is still a growing young man.  But I believe the fans will realize Saturday night, he's got all of the excitement of Barrera, Morales and Pacquiao rolled into one boxer.  And you talk about rabid fans, just wait until the Showtime audience get a taste of his Gilroy fans from inside of Staples when Robert enters the arena."
GL: Does that mean if he's victorious on Saturday night he'll be fighting where those guys are in his next fight?

DG: "Not right now. I've talked with Shelly Finkel and he said he's good at the featherweight division still, so that's where we'll keep him."
GL: How have ticket sales been going?
DG: "They're going real well Greg, I expect to see 10,000 people there."
GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?
DG: "James history with us has been quite the ride.  One fight on top of the mountain, the next overcoming some obstacle. Whether it was the victory over Jirov and Holyfield, and than the Achilles injury.  Overcoming what many experts called a career ending injury, to tearing the biceps and triceps muscle in a winning effort against Booker.  Having to rehabilitate himself again with another career threatening injury, to take the Ruiz fight on short notice, where his test came back positive for a banned substance, taking his world title victory from him in New York. And to cap it off, this past March not being at his best for Rahman, although the enormous amount of illegal blows by Rahman had something to do with it.  The key is, he always has overcome each and every major career setback, much to the chagrin of many that said he couldn't do it. I like and respect James Toney, as a fighter and a person, and I believe he will again defy the odds in this fight on Saturday night.
Anyone that tunes into Showime to watch the master at work, not the Kung-Fu master, the boxing master that is James Toney, will be thrilled with his 'old school display of talent.' This fight is going to put James on top at heavyweight, not below the champions, but above them. Remember Greg, 'No Risk, No Reward.'  He will be the man at heavyweight after this fight and I'm not Russian (spelled out by Goossen) him."


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