Gomez getting ready for Tackie

By Brad Cooney


Gomez getting ready for Tackie

Welterweight contender Alfonso Gomez sat down with Boxingtalk and updated us on his big fight coming up against former world title challenger Ben Tackie.  This fight is scheduled for October 16th, 2007 at the Home Depot Center, in Carson, California.  The Contender 3 series will take a week off from television, and the boxing fans will get to see the Gomez vs Tackie fight on ESPN.

BT – Alfonso what's good, what's the latest?

AG – Well I am training hard, currently I'm driving my car and listening to the radio.  Always a pleasure to be here on Boxingtalk.

BT – Well pay attention to your driving, we want you to make your fight against Ben Tackie.  Talk about this match up against Tackie.

AG – He's a tough fighter, he's never been knocked down.  He's fought Hatton, Kostya Tszyu,
and nobody has knocked him down.  I'm definitely facing a very tough opponent, and I am getting ready for him..

BT – This is a very durable guy, I am guessing you will be working hard, and planning on having to go the distance with this guy.

AG – Definitely, I am working hard on going the distance if I have to. I am sparring 8 rounds right now, but I want to do more.  I know he's going to prepare himself to beat me, but I am doing the same.  This guy never gets tired, I am looking forward to stopping him, but the probability is very slim that it will happen.

BT – How do you like this match up?

AG – Well I after my victory of Gatti there is still people that are doubting me, saying Gatti was a shot fighter.  I think this fight will be important, he's fought the best in the world, he always come ready to fight.  Beating him will hopefully make the doubters believe that I am a true contender.

BT – What kind of fight do you think he will bring to you?

AG – He comes in great shape, but he gets hit a lot.  He has a thick head, so it's tough to get him out of there, I will try to hurt him by going to the body.  I haven't seen too many people try to do that against him.

BT – How did this fight come about?

AG – We were looking for another named fighter, another fighter that was durable.  My last 4 fights have not gone the distance, so were looking to get into the 8 or 9th and 10th rounds, so hopefully next year I can be fighting for a world title, eleven and twelve rounds.

BT – How many times do you want to fight between Tackie and a world title fight?

AG – The plan is to capitalize on my victory over Gatti, and then put on a great performance against Ben Tackie.  I would like to fight Zab Judah, or Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.  I think 3 or 4 fights I will be ready for a world title.

BT – Judah is mentioning names like De La Hoya, winner of Mosley vs Cotto.  How do you get a guy like Judah to turn around and give you a shot?

AG – Well hopefully there will be an opportunity there.  There are other names in the welterweight division, it's a stacked division.  Judah is just one name, he showed a lot of heart against Cotto, and he just fought on ESPN, so people who watch ESPN can relate to us two fighting together.

BT – I heard your fight against Tackie will be on ESPN.  How will that work being the season for ESPN fights is over?

AG – Yes it will be on ESPN.  The fight will be a Contender special, the season 3 is currently running every Tuesday on ESPN, but on the seventh week they will be taking a break.  My fight will be televised during the week they take the break.  Also on the card will be former Contender 2 star, Freddie Curiel, and there has been talks about Grady Brewer returning to the ring as well.

BT – You made an appearance on the first show of this years Contender show, will there be any more appearances?

AG – Well I was on the first one yes, I didn't want to spar because I was so much smaller that those guys. I was also resting up after my victory over Gatti. 

BT – Julio Cesar Chavez Jr has critics that say his opponents have been picked VERY carefully.  If you get a shot at him, how do you see that match up?

AG – Well I think the Mexican fans would be cheering for him more, his father was the best Mexican fighter ever.  If the fight happens at the Staples Center, we will sell it out.  Some say he's been fighting bums, and taxi drivers.  The kid has no amateur fights either, so let him step up some to me. 

BT – Not a fight to put on in Idaho or Montana (laughs).

AG – (Laughs) definitely not.

BT – Sergio Mora's fight against Kassim Ouma  was scratched due to Marquez hurting his hand.  What are your thoughts on that?

AG – Well I feel for him, especially with it not even being his fault.  I hear that The Contender is trying to get the Mora vs Ouma fight to be a part of the ESPN show on October 6th.  Sergio always puts on a good show, he has heart, and he has a lot of balls.  Sergio always puts on a great performance.

BT – Any closing thoughts Alfonso?

AG – Yes, I am getting ready for this fight.  I hope that the non believers will start to believe in me, in my ability.  For those who have been supporting me from the beginning, thank you very much.  Please visit my website for more information on what I have going on at www.alfonsosgomez.com