Glen Johnson willing to fight Adamek

By Brad Cooney


Glen Johnson willing to fight Adamek

Yesterday, Boxingtalk published an interview with WBC light heavyweight titleholder Tomasz Amadek, who challenged former world champion Glen Johnson to a fight.  Adamek even said he would go to Johnson's backyard, Florida. It may seem strange that a champion would make such an offer, as Adamek holds a major title and Johnson does not, but Johnson is generally more highly regarded than Adamek, thanks to victories over Roy Jones, Antonio Tarver and Clinton Woods. Johnson is no stranger to a good fight and he responded quickly to Adamek's challenge.

BT - Glen always a pleasure having you in, thanks for joining Boxingtalk.

GJ - Thanks for having me on man, I appreciate you having me on.

BT - Glen the first thing I want to ask you, is you are the IBF mandatory contender, has Warriors Promotions received a response from the IBF yet concerning Clinton Woods [who holds the IBF title and has previously drew and lost to Johnson], and Wood's desire to take an optional title defense fight?

GJ - Yes, they [Woods] are trying to fight someone else, and it appears that the IBF gave them the OK to fight on the 13th, and it looks like I'll have to wait.

BT - Glen the buck doesn't stop with Clinton Woods, if he doesn't want to fight you there are other options on the table, no?

GJ - Well they are saying that I have to be available on the 13th, and if he has this option fight, it kind of ties my hands as far as being able to negotiate. So, if I have to take a chance and take a fight if a good fight comes along, then I will do that. The best fight that comes on to my table right now, is the fight that I will take.

BT - Glen, WBC light heavyweight champion Tomasz Amadek called you out a few days ago. He even said that he would fight you in Flordia, what do you have to say to that?

GJ - Well let Tomasz know that his challenge is accepted! All he has to do is call my people, call Warriors and set up the date and I will be there. Let's work out the money, the date, and the time and Glen Johnson will be there. I take on all challengers, all comers, I have yet to duck a single fight, or fighter.

BT - Glen what does a fight against Tomasz Adamek do for your career, in comparison to fighting Clinton Woods next?

GJ - Well Amadek is a new fight, a new face, and people are interested in seeing what Glen Johnson can do against this guy.

BT - Glen you have proven that you are not scared of anyone in the ring, however this guy Adamek is no joke, he can fight. Is there anything that this guy brings into the ring that gets your attention?

GJ - Honestly, Brad I have never seen the guy fight, this is the first time I am hearing his name, but you know what? That doesn't matter to me. I have seen every style there is in boxing, there is nothing that Amadek will bring to me that I haven't seen before. Adamek has two fists just like me, I will fight anyone, any place, any time.

BT - So Glen, it's official, you accept this guys challenge right here on Boxingtalk?

GJ - I accept the challenge so long as it makes business sense, and they are not bull-shitting me, and they really intend to have this fight done. I am ready to go, there is no one that can say that they put a fight together with me, and I wasn't ready to fight when the time came to fight.

BT - Glen it's one thing to challenge someone on Boxingtalk, it's another thing to pick up the phone and make it happen. [Editor's note: Adamek is promoted by Don King, Glen Johnson by Warriors].

GJ - Definitely, people can say anything in interviews. It's only a few people that actually step up to the plate and get it done, and I am one of those few.

BT - Anything in closing Glen?

GJ - To all of my fans out there, you just heard Glen Johnson get challenged by Tomasz Amadek to fight, and I accepted. I hope they are serious about this, I am ready and able, and looking forward to it!


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