Glen Johnson is resting now, but he's ready for Tarver and Hopkins!

By Darren Nichols


Glen Johnson is resting now, but he's ready for Tarver and Hopkins!

Vacationing on beautiful sands of Jamaica would be a dream for many people looking to get from the hustle and bustle of life, but for the light heavyweight king, Glen Johnson, he sees vacation as time that could be better spent in the gym.  Aptly named the Road Warrior, Johnson has grown accustomed to living in the gym and keeping in shape for any opponent who dares to enter the ring against him, and with Tarver due up next, the Road Warrior would rather be hitting the pavement then lying on the sand sipping on a nice frosty beverage.  BoxingTalk spoke with Johnson while he was in Jamaica to get his thoughts on facing Tarver, when it could happen, and why he wants a rematch with Bernard Hopkins.

BoxingTalk: Glen, what’s the latest on your rubbermatch with Antonio Tarver?

Glen Johnson: There’s nothing happening right now.  I’m in Jamaica on a vacation as we speak.  I’m working the phones with my promoter trying to reach a deal with HBO for when they have an opening to put the fight on.

BT: Tarver has mentioned recently on BoxingTalk that May 21st or June 5th could be possible dates for your fight with him.  Have you heard those dates as well?

GJ: They might have thrown those dates out to my promoter, but no one has said anything to me about it yet.  The only thing I know is that we’re in negotiations with HBO.  Goossen might have a better understanding of the dates, and when he feel it’s time to bring something important enough to me then that’s when he’ll bring it to me, but no one has said anything to me about those dates that you mentioned.  NOTE:  BoxingTalk called Goossen-Tutor Promotions after speaking with Johnson about a May 21st or June 5th date for he and Tarver to get it on again, and was told that no definite date had been determine yet, but that we would be contacted the moment a date was determined.

BT: I spoke with Jeff Lacy this past weekend, and your name came up.  He said he would eventually like to move up to light heavyweight and capture your title.  Is he someone that you would like to fight?

GJ: Well, anyone who is willing to come up to the light heavyweight division and is willing to fight, and if it is worth while dollar wise, then I’m willing, ready, and able to fight them.  You know that has been my style, Darren, and it will continue to be my style until I leave boxing.  It’s not hard to reach me, just tell me where and when, and I’m there.

BT: Your name seems to be mentioned more and more lately.  Even Bernard Hopkins is talking about fighting you again…

GJ: A Hopkins fight would be the main thing on my plate after the Antonio Tarver fight.  It would be the next biggest thing for me, and would mean the most to me.  That is an avenue that I would like to explore at that time, but right now I’m concentrating on an HBO deal for the Antonio Tarver fight.

BT: You mentioned you are in Jamaica, how are you enjoying your time off?

GJ: I’m on a mini-vacation, and I’m enjoying it, but I’ll be back in the United States soon doing some pre-training with some weights.  This has been the longest rest of my career, so I’m trying to enjoy it.  I definitely will be back soon because I’m not big on vacations.  They make you put on more weight than I’d like.  I’m used to staying the same weight since I’m in the gym every day.  Now that I’m out a few months now, I’ve put on 1 or 2 pounds I don’t wish to see on me.

BT: Are you eager to get back in the ring?

GJ: I’m more eager to get back in the gym and start my training.  I’m eager to get back in the fight as well.

BT: Your strategy was pretty much the same when facing Roy Jones Jr. and Antonio Tarver, you smothered both of them and it worked to your advantage.  Since that strategy worked so well, will you use it in all of your future fights regardless of who you fight?

GJ: I’m an adaptive fighter.  I go with an idea, and if that idea doesn’t work than I can go to plan B, C, or D.  If one is working then I don’t change it, but if it stops working I can go to the next plan, and if need be I can go to my third plan.  I always step into my fights with three different game plans.

BoxingTalk thanks Mr. Johnson for taking the time to speak with us on his vacation.  We wish him continued success both in and out of the ring.