Glen Johnson fires back at Gary Shaw

By Brad Cooney


Glen Johnson fires back at Gary Shaw

Former light heavyweight champion, Glen Johnson fired back at Gary Shaw saying that Warriors Boxing received no offer from Shaw.  Johnson says there was mention of the fight, but no offer.  According to Johnson, he never turned down or was offered a fight with Antonio Tarver, nothing official for that matter.  Johnson challenges Shaw to prove where the offer was made.

BT – Glen, I spoke with Gary Shaw and he was pretty clear that reached out to Warriors boxing and tried to make a fight with you and Antonio Tarver before that Chad Dawson date for September 29th.  

GJ – Well the Warriors people told me that there was no offer to fight Tarver, it was mentioned to them, but no official offer.  What was mentioned was not satisfactory for a fight to be made.  Now I see Gary Shaw saying that an offer was made, and I turned it down?  That's not true, I negotiate the money, the only thing that can stop me fighting someone is money.  I will fight anyone, anytime, any place.  I don't over market myself, but I try not to underline myself as well.  There was no official offer made, just a mention of it by Gary Shaw, and what was said was ridiculous.  If Gary Shaw has more information then what was given to me, then he needs to present that in writing so I can make a case.  Without any evidence, please stop spreading rumors that I turned down fights that I turned down a fight.  There might be an argument to make that Warriors turned something down, but make it, don't say I turned something down.

BT – Gary Shaw informed Boxingtalk that he told Leon to craft the deal, and let the fight happen in Florida.  Shaw said he received a response from Warriors saying that they were not interested in a fight with you and Tarver, so there's a communication problem here somewhere.

GJ – There's a big problem, because there is no way Warriors can represent me, and say that I have no interest in fighting Antonio Tarver.  That's a big problem between me and Warriors  if there is such a thing.  If Shaw can show me something in writing, any document that Warriors told him that they have no interest in me fighting Antonio Tarver, then Leon Margules and I have a problem.  I have been campaigning forever for a Tarver fight, Hopkins fight, Roy Jones fight, so there's no way that I have no interest in such a fight, that is ridiculous.  The only issue that I would have is if it didn't make sense financially.

BT – Gary Shaw didn't say that you turned it down, he said Warriors turned it down.

GJ – I would like to see that email that he is talking about.  I will have a big problem between me and Warriors boxing if see that email.  I would like to see that email, I definitely want to see that email, and I would like Gary Shaw to get a hold of me and back up what he's saying.

BT – That can be easily arranged.

GJ – Please do, set that up for me.

BT – Another rumor is you fighting Anthony Han shaw, but ironically you don't know about it, and neither does Gary Shaw (laughs).

GJ – I don't know what's going on anymore, I don't know man, I just don't.  There is no way somebody else negotiates for me, I do the negotiating.  My promoters job is to bring me offers, not close deals without my say so.  I am not a mickey mouse fighter that they have to protect, I am passed that by 10 years or more.  I fight everybody, so they need to run all fights that are available to me, and I will work the money out and close these deals down.

BT – Last time we talked you mentioned that you heard that they are making the fliers for the Han shaw vs Glen Johnson fight already.

GJ – My manager heard mention that the fight was going to happen, and that the promotional efforts were going forward without any contact with Warriors, or me.  My manager reached out to them, and was informed that there was an interest in the fight, and that they would get back to us.  Now I am hearing that the fight is a done deal?  And it's happening in Mississippi, and now Florida?  I haven't heard anything about money, or anything about it being a done deal.

BT – It's crazy, one website informed their readers prematurely that Golden Johnson and Antonio Margarito was done, and we all know now that that was not correct either. Golden Johnson still hasn't signed that contract.

GJ – It just goes to show you that people can be involved in the dark, and some in the light.


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