Glen Johnson a promotional free agent!

By Darren Nichols


Glen Johnson a promotional free agent!

BoxingTalk just spoke with the Road Warrior Glen Johnson, who informed us that he is a free agent, but is still dedicated to Dan Goossen and Goossen-Tutor Promotions.  "I'm on the open market," said Johnson, "but in my head Dan is still my promoter."  Johnson went on to tell BoxingTalk that after years of traveling the globe to get fights, he is finally in a position to do what he wants to do.  "The way I see it is if I'm dedicating myself to someone, then they should make me feel secure, and I should feel protected," said Johnson.  "Dan and I still have some things to work out as far as the contract is concerned, but I'm a man of my word.  I'm not really a contract guy."

When asked if the contract issue at hand had to do with the minimum amount of money Johnson would make for each fight or the type of fights he would take, The Road Warrior responded, "It's a little bit of everything.  It's a fact that contracts work for the promoter, but again, if I'm dedicating myself to someone, then they should make me secure and offer some form of protection for me.  Right now I'm in a position where I can give a little bit to get a little bit."

With Goossen-Tutor promoting Johnson through his epic 2005 year, is this the end of what seemed to be a successful relationship?  "I can work with any promoter who will make me secure," said Johnson.  "I'll work with the best offer on the table. I can work with one promoter for one fight and another promoter for another fight, but in my head I'm still working with Dan Goossen.  I never stopped working with him, but we have no more contract."