Glen Johnson May Be Too Big of a Steppingstone for Roy Jones’ Jr.

By Darren Nichols


Glen Johnson May Be Too Big of a Steppingstone for Roy Jones’ Jr.

“Some people feel that I will lose, but I will change their opinions after September 23rd.”

He is suppose to be Roy Jones Jr.’s underdog, steppingstone, and springboard back to pugilistic superstardom all wrapped into one.  For Glen Johnson, not only is he fully aware of the trinity role he is expected to play against Jones this Saturday, he is completely and entirely used to it.  Johnson feels that people have always been counting him out early for years, but looking at his professional record, with nine losses, only once has he been stopped, and that was at the hands of the greatest middleweight fighter of our generation, Bernard Hopkins.  His other eight setbacks were in no way easy walkovers for his victorious opponents, but instead very close battles that saw at least judge giving Johnson’s successor a narrow one to two round margin.   Johnson knows what he is up against come Saturday and he is looking to change a lot of minds that evening.  BoxingTalk spoke with Johnson as he was departing for Memphis, TN. to get his thoughts on fighting Jones, as well as what he expects from the former Superman in his first fight back since being knocked out by Antonio Tarver last May. 

BoxingTalk: Glen, let me get to the question everyone wants to know.  Are you going to beat Roy Jones Jr. this Saturday? 

Glen Johnson: Of course I am. 

BT: How are you going to go about defeating one of the best fighters in our era?

GJ: I have the right plan…an excellent plan. 

BT: Can you give us some details about your plan, and how you will fight Roy? 

GJ: I’m not going to give you my strategy, but let me just say that I am prepared to fight the best Roy Jones Jr. out there. 

BT:  Do you feel you are being written off for this fight, that you are just a steppingstone for Jones’ return to superstardom? 

GJ: Yeah, but that’s nothing new.  When I’m fighting, everyone expects the other guy to win…I’m used to it. 

BT: Are you getting the Roy Jones who is on the decline or the one who is now more motivated to get back on top?  

GJ: I’m ready to face the best Roy Jones Jr.  If people say something about his age then they don’t know anything about age.  They will see what happens on September 23rd. 

BT: What does a victory against Jones mean for you and your career? 

GJ: It means I’ll move on to the next thing.  I do something great in each of my fights, and even though some people feel that I will lose, I will change their opinions after September 23rd. 

BT: How did training go for this fight against Jones? 

GJ: It was wonderful, I trained well, and I’m ready to win. 

BT: How much did Antonio Tarver’s recent win over Jones effect how you would train for Roy? 

GJ: I watched their fight live and have watched again, but that’s it.  I’m doing my own thing to get ready to take care of business. 

BT: Do you feel you are walking into the ring with more confidence since Jones is needing to prove that last May’s defeat against Tarver was just a fluke? 

GJ: I know my confidence, and I know I’m gong to win, I don’t know Roy Jones Jr’s confidence. 

BT: What should people expect to see on September 23rd when you face Jones?  

GJ: A great fighter.  I’ve taken care of business in my training, and it will be a very exciting fight. 

BT: Do you feel Roy Jones is taking on too tough of an opponent by facing you in his return bout? 

GJ: It doesn’t matter when he would face me, I would take care of him whenever he faced me. 

BT: What is your prediction for this Saturday? 

GJ: Glen Johnson Wins! 

BoxingTalk thanks Mr. Johnson for speaking with us.  We wish him continued success both in and out of the ring.


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