Glen Johnson Gearing Up For Chad Dawson

By Brad Cooney


Glen Johnson Gearing Up For Chad Dawson

Former light heavyweight world champion Glen Johnson sat down with Boxingtalk and discussed his big upcoming fight against WBC Light Heavyweight Champion “Bad” Chad Dawson.  This fight is scheduled to take place on Showtime Championship Boxing  April, 12th, in Tampa, Florida. 

BT – Glen it's been a minute since we have had you on Boxingtalk.  Before we talk about Chad Dawson, touch on your performance against Hugo Pineda.

GJ – It was a nice performance, I worked on a few things because I have a tall order in the future.  I just saw what he had to offer, warmed up, figured out what I had to do, then I got him out of there.

BT – Are you happy with your performance against Pineda?

GJ – Yes, definitely.  I feel good about it, I did what I needed to do with what I had in front of me.  I made the adjustment that I had to make, and got the guy out of there in the 8th round by TKO.

BT – Next up is current WBC Light Heavyweight Champion “Bad” Chad Dawson.  You have been wanting a fight like this for quite awhile.  Talk about this fight.

GJ – Well this is a great opportunity.  I really appreciate this opportunity to show everybody that I am willing and able to make a deal.  When it comes down to the nitty gritty they came to me, Glen Johnson because I am the one that is ready and willing to fight. 

BT – Talk about the match up between you and Chad Dawson.

GJ – The match up is a good match up, it's a great fight.  Chad Dawson is a great fighter, he has great speed, and good movement.  He has done everything that he was supposed to do against his opponents.  I think it's an exciting fight, and I bring a great fight to the table too.  It's a different league when it comes to me, so that's where Chad Dawson will have his problems.

BT – Chad Dawson has a lot that he brings into the ring.  Is there anything that he does that gets your attention in the ring?

GJ – He has a lot of weapons.  All of them get my attention, and when I get into training camp, I will prepare for all of those things.  I am looking forward to this fight, and to me, it's an opportunity for me to give the American people a real treat.  These are the kinds of fights that the people really want to see.  If I am going to make an impact on this division, I have to win these types of fights.

BT – A win makes you world champion again, and back into the fold of big money fights.  Describe how important this fight is for you.

GJ – The light heavyweight division right now has a few guys that are doing big things.  Chad Dawson is on top of the younger crop of guys in the division.  If I go in there and make a statement against him, it will show that I am ready for the young group, and it will show why the old group keeps running from me.  The old group didn't want any part of Chad Dawson, and at the end of the day they (Dawson) called me, because they know that anytime, anyplace, Glen Johnson will come to fight.

BT – Would you be interested in facing the winner of Bernard Hopkins vs Joe Calzaghe?

GJ – I am definitely interested in those guys, the problem is, are those guys interested in fighting me?   They know that they can't beat me, so for them it's a lose, lose situation.

BT – I am guessing that you are breathing easier now that you finally get a big fight again. 

GJ – Well the hope is that the American television will give me the chance again, so it's important to do well.  My game plan is to show up and excite, so if I give them a great fight as I did with Jones, and Tarver, hopefully they will have no choice but to keep giving me opportunities.

BT – Do you have anything to say directly to Chad Dawson?

GJ – Yes, you better be ready to fight because you are going to be in a fight like you never have been in before.

BT – Do you have any closing thoughts for your fans?

GJ – I want to thank my fans for supporting me.  We are on our way now, April 12th don't miss it!


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