Giovani Segura – Can He Bring Excitement Back to the Flyweights?

By Darren Nichols


Giovani Segura – Can He Bring Excitement Back to the Flyweights?

Fighting this Friday at the Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas is undefeated flyweight up-and-comer Giovani Segura, as he looks to add another notch to his impressive record of 6-0-1 (5 KOs).  His next potential knockout victim will be Felipe Rivas, who also sports an untainted record of 4-0, but lacks the power Segura possesses.  Fully aware of the power situation at hand, Segura is looking to take advantage of his gift of putting his opponents on the mat for good, and use it to wage havoc on Rivas this Friday.  “I don’t like to box or move around” says Segura.  “I believe in my power.  I like to get in there and have a little war in the center of the ring.”  Knowing his opponent this weekend is also undefeated, Segura says he will train like he always does, tapping in on his good training and sparring partners to prepare him for his way to the top.   While gaining fans in California where most of his fights have taken place, Segura has also caught the eye of Top Rank, who has recently signed him to a promotional deal.  They are just as excited as Segura is about his future in the sport, and what he can do for the flyweight division.  “Sometimes people think the flyweight division is boring or too weak, but I have the ability to make these people look at the division differently,” says Segura.  “My fights are not boring, and I make my fights a war like the bigger guys do.”  After seven professional fights, this powerhouse flyweight has only seen thirteen rounds of action, but Segura puts to rest of any concern that his quick fights are preventing him gaining valuable ring experience.  “I don’t really worry about going the distance, I do my work in the gym so I know I am ready for anything,” says Segura. “If I were lucky enough to fight someone with my style, then I am not going to try and get him in the first round.  If I have to do some rounds, I’m ready for it.  That’s why I work so hard in the gym.”  Segura feels that he not only has to win on Friday, but do it in such a fashion that it will get people talking about him and the division that he fights in.  “I want everyone to know that I am not a boring fighter,” says Segura.  “I don’t play around, If I go to fight, I’m going to fight.  I want everybody to look at me as a different fighter, and I’m ready for that.  I’m so anxious to let everybody know that I have power.  I want to make a big impression this Friday, and for the flyweight division.  For those who have seen Segura fight, they already know that Segura should have no problem reaching his desired goals...easily.


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