Gatti-Mayweather: Let the mind games begin!

By Mike Samuels


Gatti-Mayweather: Let the mind games begin!

Yesterday Floyd Mayweather got word from Main Events and Buddy McGirt that Arturo Gatti was home with a 102 degree temperature and stomach cramps, thus removing him from the opening day press conference and leaving the flamboyant Floyd Mayweather to do all the talking by himself to kick off the pay per-view event set for June 25th. Today, barely 24 hours since Floyd Mayweather told the boxing world that Arturo Gatti would be “easy work,” and that he would “walk right through him”, Arturo Gatti held his own press conference at Gallaghers Steakhouse without Mayweather.  “I’m going to punish him,” said Gatti earlier today.What a difference a day makes, eh?

The circumstances surrounding Gatti and Mayweather’s first Pay Per-View show of their careers has been shady since the beginning of the year.  Main Events gave Mayweather a rushed deadline while Mayweather went to Grand Rapids to plead a no-contest to charges he faced at a nightclub, and then came back to find out the fight was off.  Meanwhile Main Events decided they were sick of Mayweather’s problems and Gatti was going to go in another direction. Top Rank and Main Events went into discussions shortly afterwards to salvage the fight and now Gatti pulls a no-show at the original press conference claiming illness, only to show up at his own a day later.

The “Thunder and Lightening” pay per-view show is definitely off to a bizarre start to say the least, and with still 3 months remaining before Gatti and Mayweather step into the ring, the average fan should be expecting a lo more craziness before the bell rings.

The fight itself should be very entertaining. You have Floyd Mayweather playing the trash talking, disrespectful villain and Arturo Gatti taking the role of the humble fan favorite warrior. Mayweather can box as well as brawl, but has never had his chin tested the way Arturo Gatti is sure to test it from the opening bell onward.   Most people are sure to take the highly skilled Mayweather over Gatti in the fight, however, a lot of those same people who will bet the smart money on little Floyd would like nothing better than to see the pound-for-pound Picasso put flat on his back for the count.

The mind games have begun between both fighters, but I would not expect to see either Gatti or Mayweather get underneath one anothers skin. Both fighters are professionals who know that come the 25th of June the only thing that matters is doing what one has to do in order to come out successful and get the job done. Mayweathers mouth, legal issues, and antics leading up to the fight are sure to draw lots of heat from the fans and in turn, put even more money in the pockets of Gatti and Mayweather at the end of the day. So far the promotion to the fight is starting off with a bit of controversy, and that’s definitely no stranger to the sport of boxing. Hopefully the fight will play off a bit smoother.

In the meantime, don’t blink at the weigh in. Things should be even more interesting.


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