Gato Figueroa in action tonight

By Socrates Palmer Jr


Gato Figueroa in action tonight

Francisco “El Gato” Figueroa, is back in action and in familiar surroundings as he’ll be fighting in his hometown of New York City. The Bronx, born south paw is part of a strong supporting cast in the next installment of the Dibella Broadway Boxing series. Figueroa will be looking to improve on his record of 14-2, with 10 KO’s, when he takes on, veteran Antonio “Cana Seca” Ramirez. “El Gato”, is expecting a very rugged fight from the experienced Ramirez, who brings a record of 24-14 and 6 draws.

“I expect a good fight, come Thursday. I know he’s been in with world class competition and he’s the type of fighter that in this stage in my career is a good fit. If you look at who he’s fought, it’s impressive. He’s very experienced and I expect him to be aggressive. I know he’s coming to take my head off and that cool, because I wouldn’t want it any other way,” said Figueroa.

Figueroa by his own admission is a boxing internet junkie. Figueroa says that he’s online all the time reading articles and researching fighters. In fact if you go to Boxrec and check out, Ramirez record, you will see some recognizable names. Last year he took on current lightweight champion Joel Casamayor also on his resume he’s fought Angel Manfredy, Ricky Quilies and Alejandro Gonzalez, he also owns a knockout win against countryman Victoriano Sosa.

Figueroa is making his 2007 debut and it’s the first time he’s fought since his career highlight win over hometown rival Joey Rios back in November of 2006. Figueroa says that fighting in front of a hometown crowd will not be any pressure at all. He says he’s fought enough times in his native New York, to be able to stay cool in the ring.

“My style I believe is crowd pleasing. I expect a tough fight like I said. Fans like a slug fest and it’s easy to get into one, when people are cheering you on, but the number one priority is to box. It also depends, if he wants to bang and if he gets to feel my power early he’ll show me respect. I know he holds a lot but that will be up to the referee to do his job,” said Figueroa.

Figueroa who now makes his home in Miami, Florida is thrilled to be back in New York. His move to the Sunshine state was spurred on by his promotional contract that he signed with the “SeeNo Boxing Group”.

“I moved down to Miami because it was just the best thing for me at this time. The weather is great. A lot of New York fighters move their training camps down here. It’s just a good training environment. I do miss New York though very much. I miss the city life and although it sounds crazy I miss the winter and the cold weather,” said Figueroa.

Figueroa who is always the constant self promoter hopes that by him being on this card it will once again spur matchmakers and promoters to make fights that people want to see. In particular “El Gato” would like to see New York guys fight each other. Figueroa thought that he and Rios made a statement that its not impossible for two young prize fighters to take a chance against each other.

“I don’t know why there are so many obstacles to make a fight happen sometimes. I just don’t understand it. I understand that there is a big risk for the loser and that there value goes down, but if you’re a good fighter, you’re a good fighter. I think promoters and managers should put their money where there mouth is,” said Figueroa.

Figueroa mentioned that it was not long ago that he fought on the under card of a Joey Rios headlined show at the Westchester County Center, in White Plains and months later they squared off. Figueroa hopes that the same thing could happen with Dimitriy Salita.

“I would love the chance to fight Dimitriy, I mean I think the fight is right. If the money is right, if the television is right me and him would be a great main event. It looks like every time you call someone out they don’t want to fight anyone. Its like they are just waiting for the big pay day.

“Dude your 29-0 and your fighting “opponents” do you ever want to step up?, stated Figueroa.

If all goes according to plan for Figueroa he hopes to be back in the ring on April 14, in a show promoted by the SeeNo boxing promotion out in the West Palm Beach Convention Center.

“First things first I am coming to steal the show and win on Thursday night. Then hopefully 18 months down the line or so I’d like to be in the position of an eliminator for a world title shot,” said Figueroa.

“In closing I’d like to give a shout out to my web designer Shareef from and to my chiropractor for helping me stay in great shape” said Figueroa.

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