Gato Figueroa blasts his "promoter"

By B. Artest


Gato Figueroa blasts his "promoter"

"He knows nothing about boxing!"

BT:  What's the latest with Francisco "Gato" Figueroa? "I'm just here, trying to move my career.  My promoter, Yaseen Malnik, isn't doing anything for my career.  He promised me a six fight deal. He told me I was getting a six fight deal, but it wasn't for me to wait. He tries to handle too many things at one time.  He's trying to do business with the promoter that he's trying to deal with for the Aviator Arena meanwhile, we're calling the person behind him, to make sure about what he's telling us.  He tells one story, and the promoter tells one story.  Right now other promoters are talking to him about doing a co-promotional deal, and giving him a great opportunity.  He's turning it down, along with others."

BT:  How do you know he's turning them down?

Gato Figueroa:  Everything he does, we're backchecking everything he's doing.  He's a broke promoter, he's burning all his bridges.  That's why he's got no one to roll with him.  He keeps burning the bridges, he wants too much.  He doesn't know anything about boxing.  It's not always you, you, you.  You've got to give some to get some.  We were offered two fights, and then from there a world title, but he's still looking for the money. He's still looking for a payout.  He says he can't deal with us, because we keep going behind his back.  If you can't deal with us, then what's the problem with doing a co-promotion?  If you can't deal with us, then keep it moving. 

You've got the [WBC] #4 ranked fighter in the world, and you can't move me right.  You're always complaining about money, money, money.  Some promoters make money, some promoters lose money.  You're going to make money if you co-promote with these guys.  So, what's your problem?  I called him today and left two voicemails, and a text message.  He still hasn't got back to me, and all three were nasty.  What's your problem, you're a fake promoter.  What's going on here?  Talking about how you can do this and that, you're doing nothing.  The last time I fought was in May.  I'm in the gym, what's the problem?  Is it because you don't have any power, no leverage.  Promoters don't want to deal with you at all.  Any one of them, because you don't know how to talk.  You're not trying to give some to get some.

BT:  Keep going.

GF:  Then all of the sudden, there's other problems, with other boxers that he can't move around either.  I don't know what's going on with that.  I see nothing's going on with that.  You want to start trouble, you want to start swinging the hands, then swing your hands with me.  Come on, man.  I'm tired of being the nice guy.  It's time to man up.  Let's see him fucking man up.  I'm not one to curse, but he's holding up my career.  Yaseen Malnik, from the Seeno Group, is a problem.  My managers have tried to contact him, promoters have been trying to contact him, and he's been turning them down.  My managers and I are fed up, we're fed up, he knows this.  Since he wants all the attention, here's your attention.  Read up on  You want all the attention, you want them to see your gold chain blinging, here it is.  Here's your opportunity, be happy.  Come back with your lies. 

BT:  So, you have no idea when you're going to fight?

GF:  I have no idea.  I was supposed to fight in late October, or early November, on Sal Musumeci's card.  Then that fell apart, because Yaseen is tired of us. The truth repeats itself.  That's how you know it's true, the truth repeats itself. He says we go behind his back.  No, dude, we just called up Musemici to see what you're doing.  We don't trust you, we never did, we never will.  You never trusted us, we never trusted you.  That makes for a messed up team, right now what he has is no team.  Ishe Smith and me, that's it.  He's done.  And if you're broke, let one of us go.  If you're ready to do that, let both of us go.  Broke money makes no money.  He's had enough, but we can't stop, won't stop.  That's my motto.