Gary Stark Jr. Responds to Cappiello

By. Ray O. Campbell Jr.


Gary Stark Jr. Responds to Cappiello

Kid says he wasn’t robbed in Oklahoma, he was Molested!

RC: Give us your thoughts on Rich Cappiello recently coming on the record here on stating that a rematch between yourself and his fighter Mike Oliver has been put on hold for now?
GS: Not taking anything away from the whole camp, Mike Oliver is a good fighter. Scully is a good dude, and a good trainer, But now Cappiello is going around me. He is just going…well I guess if I was them, I wouldn’t want a rematch either. The only people that don’t think that I won…(Slight pause, as if he was in deep thought)…. Wow I don’t even know anyone that thought he won the fight.

They even knew I won, so that’s crazy. When it comes out of their mouth you know …well I just don’t know what the judges were watching that day. Everybody seen it, and it is a good thing on my part because it’s a good thing that I didn’t get robbed In Connecticut at Mohegan Ssun or something, it would have probably been even worse. It’s a good thing I got robbed on ShowTime, and right now people aren’t even talking about Michael Oliver, they are talking about “Kid”, because they all know I won the fight

RC: Obviously the decision Cappiello made doesn’t make you very happy as you wont get a shot to avenge your first loss. Despite the fact that the vast majority of people that viewed the fight thought that you won, at the end of the day it is still a loss. Do you feel you are now ready to move on and make the next move seeing as how they have no interest in fighting you anytime soon?
GS: Here is what the difference is, they are not looking to fight me. So all right, I am not looking at Michael Oliver; right now I am looking past Michael Oliver. Put it this way,  my stock went up way higher than his did. I will tell you that much. His stock is like to Dow Jones, it is plummeting right now. His camp isn’t talking very confident right now, and let me just tell you, Michael Oliver is a good fighter. But that day wasn’t his day. It was my day. I watched the fight three times and let me tell you something, that corner didn’t look very confident when the decision was announced. I know I won the fight and the people know I won the fight and even they knew I won the fight. Its alright I will catch him. I will see him again.

RC: Deep down inside, did you feel in your heart that you wasn't going to get the immediate rematch? Or is it one of those case's where you braced yourself for the worse anticipating that they wouldn’t fight you?
GS: Honestly I didn’t think they were going to give me the rematch anyway. After what took pace in Okalahoma, there was no way. So hopefully HBO, Showtime, and ESPN saw the way I fought and they like the way I fought. I fight with a lot of heart. I fight hard and I fight strong, and hopefully they see that and they put me back on network TV. He is going to be fighting on one of those Connecticut stations coming up, and it’s all right for him but I am not just trying to fight on just Connecticut TV. I want to fight on a national network. It goes to show you he got the decision, but he will be fighting on some local channel in Connecticut next somewhere. I want everybody to see what I got. I showed everybody that tuned in that night what I had, and I guarantee you, I still have more to come.

RC: Any idea when we can expect you back in action? Or despite you feeling they weren’t going to give you a rematch, that’s solely what Team Stark was focused on and now have to make other plans?
GS: We weren’t banking on a rematch because we knew we weren’t going to get it. Let me jut tell you something, on the plane ride back. We took the plane ride back with them because we had to take the same flight out leaving to catch our connecting flight. And let me tell you something, when I win a fight. I am the happiest dude in the world. I laugh, I joke around, everyone in my whole camp is fooling around and we are bull**iti* and having a good time. When we ran into them, it looked like they were in a funeral. They couldn’t believe that happened, they were still in shock from the fight. I know if I had won, I would have been the happiest. I would have been joking around and all of that. From the looks of things I think they were more depressed than I was, and I took an “L”. 

People know I don’t talk trash or nothing, I was soooo mad though, and I like Scully. Scully is a good dude, but when it is time to fight I don’t like anyone on the opposite side. I like Scully; he is the only one I like. Cappiello, and them, all of these dudes want to come up to me after the fight and say (Imitating Cappiello) “Ooh you did a hell of a job” and I am like yeah thats because you know your boy didn’t win. Now he doesn’t want to give me the rematch, it is all right. We are looking past you now, everybody knew you weren’t going to give us a rematch but I was giving them the benefit of the doubt. But now he wants to go on Boxingtalk and say “ooh it doesn’t make sense” Nah Nah, that decision is what didn’t make sense. And you know what? Maybe it doesn’t make sense that we fight again, but it is clear I exposed him. It is all-good. We will move on to bigger and better things. We are correcting some of the mistakes I made, and everyone saw the heart I had. Everybody saw that I won, and honestly the only people that thought I loss the fight was Eastsideboxing. Cappiello thinking he won is BullS**t, because he knew I really won.

RC: That was your national television debut, has there been any discussion to possibly getting you back on there so that the people can get another look at Kid Stark?
GS: Well that’s the business part of everything, and that is being handled by my Father, Damon Dash, Lou DiBella and my other manager Ben. They are taking care of the business aspect. So that doesn’t have anything to do with me, My job is to get my head right, because I was a little depressed after the fight but I didn’t loose focus, I am still hungry. I am just training in the gym and doing what I have to do and get ready to handle my business. He can have his belt and he can have the two people that thought he won.

RC: Anything you would like to add in closing?
GS: I want to thank everybody that hits me up on my email, and my myspace ( I get letters from strangers saying that was a tough loss and that I got robbed. But I look at it now like I didn't get robbed in Oklahoma, it just boosted my stock up. I don’t even feel as if I got robbed out there, I feel like I got molested. And like I said we are just going to have to go back to the drawing board and do what we have to do. To the haters, I think there is a couple of them over there at that other website. Can I shout that other website out on here Ray?

RC: You say it I type it, it’s on you “Kid”
GS: I hate that website (Laughing out of control)…I hate that website. But yo seriously I think they are all a part o Cappiello’s family. I think all of the emails they get on there are all a part of Cappiello’s family. They are all fake names, and they write all of that stuff on there. But I just want to thank all of the people that knew I won, it’s all right, its cool. But sooner or later I am going to catch up to him, I am actually going to pass him and when I got that world title belt and we meet again, the next fight we fight I am not giving him any rounds


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