Gary Shaw speaks on Corrales-Clottey and Jones-Hanshaw

By G. Leon


Gary Shaw speaks on Corrales-Clottey and Jones-Hanshaw

"Roy needs to put up or shut up!"

GL: Can you give us some thoughts on the big fight tomorrow night? "I think Chico is the bigger fighter, not only in stature, but in size as well. I think he's the faster fighter and I think he'll wear Clottey down and take his heart."

GL: Aside from the tough task at hand with Clottey, Corrales has been dealing with a lot of outside distractions. His situation with Joe Goossen and some other issues. Do you think those situations will hinder his performance?

Gary Shaw: "No, I think he's a professional and he knows what he's got to do and he knows the stakes are high. I saw him at the airport and he looks very relaxed, he looks like he's close to being on weight and I don't think he's thinking about any of those things, and if he is he certainly hasn't mentioned them to me."

GL: As you know alot of people like Clottey in this fight, how much more significant does that make this win as it relates to his future fights?

GS: "Absolutely. The only people who believe he can win this fight, there's only a few of us. There's Diego, Dickie Wood, James Prince, Antonio Leonard and myself, we're the only ones who think he's going to win the fight. I haven't heard one person told me Chico has a chance.

GL: Michael Katz, Benn Schulberg and George Kimball are picking him.

GS: "That's good but I know there's a lot of people out there who are giving us no chance to win this fight. When we win this fight, not if, when we win this fight he's right there for Shane Mosley in a big fight. He's right there for Mayweather if Mayweather should win. Kermit Cintron is out there, there's lots of places for him to go. The welterweight division is one of the hottest in boxing and having Chico there only makes it hotter."

GL: Moving on, Roy Jones Jr. I know you read the interview. Can you give us some thoughts on it?

GS: "I found the interview extremely interesting. Roy spoke as if he heard of me but doesn't know me. Roy and I have had lunch together. I was on the Jersey Commission for many years and I was there when Hazzard disqualified him in the Montell Griffin fight. Here's my assesment of Roy's speech. Either Roy has a short memory and need to have an MRI or Lou DiBella is a liar. In that case he needs a polygraph test. The story Roy put out on Boxingtalk is highly inaccurate. Number one, I was not going to be his promoter, Lou DiBella was and the fight was going to be a co-promotion.

"Lou DiBella told me the deal was going to be for $500,000 and not only told that to me, but told that to Showtime. Once he gave us his word that the deal was done I sent a bout agreement to the Hanshaw team.

"The first I ever heard of Murad Muhammad was reading your article, so there are a lot of inaccuracies. He sent an email to Lou DiBella saying that he wanted he $1.5M and he wanted half of it up front. If he wants $1.5M he must have only heard the 500 so I'm going to get him one for Christmas. For Roy to ask for half the money up front, he's been in boxing long enough to know that doesn't happen. He's either delusional or he doesn't want the fight.

"In your article he said he'd fight Hanshaw for $150,000 on June 9 and I told you we'll fight Roy anywhere in the world for $150,00. Now he better put up or shut up. Not just on this fight, forever. He wants the fight and the fight is on. I have verbally agreed to it and I'm waiting for his office to fax my office the contract. I didn't get it yesterday and I still haven't gotten it as we speak.


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