Gary Shaw interview, Part II

By G. Leon


Gary Shaw interview, Part II

Rafael Marquez to face Israel Vazquez or Jhonny Gonzalez?

GL: Our last conversation was cut short due to Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer calling you. Is there any update you can give us on the potential Harris-Lazcano fight? "Well, first of all I'm going to be a partner with Shane and Oscar...nah, I'm only kidding. We spoke about Vivian Harris and Juan Lazcano in March or April as well as a possible Rafael Marquez with either Israel Vazquez or Jhonny Gonzalez."

GL: Is the Harris-Lazcano fight nearly done already?

Gary Shaw: "I would say right now it's 57% done. We're well on our way to making a deal."

GL: What is the target date?

GS: "Either March or April."

GL: That's a target month, what's the target date?

GS: "I'm not sure yet, don't give me hard questions." (laughs)

GL: What are the chances or Marquez fighting either Vazquez or Gonzalez in his next fight?

GS: "Those discussions are ongoing, but they are only about 34.8% done." (laughs, Gary is always comical while talking to BT)

GL: Pro Elite recently announced it's first event between Shamrock and Gracie. What can you tell us about that event?

GS: "It's very exciting, Gracie and Shamrock are two legends and we're excited to have them on Showtime. We have Antonio Silva who is close to seven feet tall and 310 pounds. Everybody is looking forward to a big event that nobody will want to miss on February 10."

GL: How do you think the ratings of these MMA bouts will compete with Showtime Championship Boxing?

GS: "I believe the event will surpass any boxing that is on Showtime programming. I could be wrong, but that's what I believe. I have a great deal of confidence in the product we're going to be putting out."

GL: When will the second event take place and who will be featured on that telecast?

GS: "The second event will take place in either April or May and we're still working on the details of that card."

GL: What's next for Vic Darchinyan?

GS: "We're hoping to have him back on Showtime on March 3 making the mandatory defense of his title against Victor Burgos."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

GS: "I'm very exciting about signing the Bey brothers. We're going to mold them into stars along with Timothy Bradley, Chad Dawson, Mario Santiago. Dawson has his title fight coming up on February 3 and we know he's going to become a world champion on February 3. Nick Casal will be appearing on ShoBox against a fighter named Antonio Izquierdo, they're both undefeated so that should be pretty exciting. Just when people thought I was dead, I was just quietly reloading."

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