Gallardo next on Arnaoutis' hit list


Gallardo next on Arnaoutis' hit list

Press release: "Mighty" Mike Arnaoutis, is back in action this coming December 17, set to make his second consecutive appearance at the Chumash Casino in Santa Ynez, California, as well as his third consecutive outing to be broadcast live on the Showtime Network's ShoBox: The New Generation series.  "Mighty" Mike will step between the ropes and stare across the ring at Jauquin "The Killer" Gallardo, a top junior welterweight who sports a record of 16 wins against only 2 defeats and one draw.   Arnaoutis will be looking to keep his undefeated record intact, coming in at 11-0-2 and looking to add one more to the win column.

Since his first-round demolition of Jesse Feliciano this past October, "Mighty" Mike has become a genuinely avoided fighter amongst his fellow junior welterweight prospects.   Although difficulty finding a suitable foe kept his Cestus Management team working overtime, Arnaoutis himself is unfazed by the problem.  "Mighty" Mike has been deep in hard sparring and even harder training for some four weeks as of this date, and remains focused and confident that his third fight on ShoBox will be his best outing to date.   Says Arnaoutis, "Gallardo?   No problem.   Whoever it is, no problem.   I'll watch the tape, see what I have to do, and go out and take care of Gallardo or anyone else."

Advisor Mike Michael had some words for Jauquin Gallardo.   "Gallardo doesn't need to worry about "Mighty" Mike.   Nothing is going to help him, not tape, not anything.  The only thing Gallardo should be worrying about is Gallardo.   With the way Mike has been working in the gym, I hope Gallardo has been training hard as well, otherwise it's going to be another short night for 'Mighty' Mike."

Michael also had a few choice words for "Mighty" Mike's fellow 140-pound fighter Paul Malignaggi.   "I looked on the internet the other day, and I see that Paul Malignaggi, the so-called 'Magic Man,' has made a video with one of the boxing websites.   I gave it a watch, and this clown is on the video with his ridiculous little headband and his funny voice calling my kid ugly.   Ugly?   This is boxing, Paulie, not a beauty contest.  Look, I'm very sorry that "Mighty" Mike isn't your type, but there are a lot of fish in the sea. I'm sure you'll find some nice young man to make you very happy.  In the meantime, you saying you want to get in with my boy is about as credible as you claiming to be a top fighter.   As far as making history, the only thing that history is going to do is laugh at Paul Malignaggi.   If you really want to do it, tell Johnny Bos to peel off your diaper and we'll make a fight.   Until then, Paul Malignaggi saying who he wants to fight is just like his heart, his chin and his balls...suspect!"

Arnaoutis vs. Gallardo will be broadcast live on the Showtime Network at 11 pm eastern time on Friday, December 17. Already hungry for action, "Mighty" Mike called upon his fans as well as all boxing fans to tune in and check out the fight. "I will give my best, leave it all in the ring, just like I always do.  They said Feliciano was tough. I guess not. Now, they say Gallardo is tough. I hope he is. Maybe it will be easy, maybe it will be hard.  Either way, I'll win, and he'll lose. Thank you to all my fans and everyone who supports boxing and boxers in America, and I hope everyone will watch the fight and see who I am."