By G. Leon



An excited Grant Elvis Phillips, CEO of Grant Boxing told, "We're back in a big way! is back in a big way. It's great to be back on the net after about a year off. The competition and the powers that be tried to put us out of business, but God wouldn't let it happen and here we are making our return to the net."

"We had two fights the other night, we've got Shane and Winky this weekend, Samuel Peter on December 4, December 11 with Randall Bailey and Cotto, and then we're going to finish the year in grand Grant Style with Antonio Tarver and Glen Johnson."

Phillips said what seperates his product from the competition's is, "Quality. The quality that goes into the gloves, outfits and apparel, I mean there's really no comparison. That's why we've never paid a dollar to any fighter that wears our stuff."

"And that includes Bernard Hopkins, Floyd Mayweather Jr., Evander Holyfield, Roy Jones Jr., Antonio Tarver, Cory Spinks, Winky Wright, Laila Ali and the list goes on and on. The true players want to be with Grant and that's the bottom line."

"They want the authencity and they want the best product out there so that's why they come to us."

"Right now we've got some new funky colors that are going to knock everyone's socks off! All of the competition have been such flagrant copycats and everyone knows they're's almost a joke. But every time these guys think they've figured out the answer we'll keep changing the question on them!"

GL: What kind of feedback do you get from the fighters who wear your product?

"Roy Jones Jr. has been wearing the gloves since 1996 and let's face it, Roy is one of the greatest fighters that ever lived. The best thing for you to do is ask Roy, Evander Holyfield, Winky Wright, Cory Spinks, Antonio Tarver and all the others what they think of the product. They'd be the best judges, not me."

"Right now we've got this major apparel line with a company from the UK and I'm really excited about that. We're starting it in the UK with one of the biggest apparel companies in all of Europe. We're working with Marvin Traub, an icon of the apparel/garment business, and we're really excited about the whole clothing line."

"Academy award winner, Cuba Gooding Jr. is also on board with Grant. He's starring in an upcoming movie called Shadowboxer, I'm hearing whispers that it's his best performance ever,  and he's wearing Grant throughout the movie."

"And I don't want to forget about the Grant Gloves we're going to be giving away on Every month we're going to give away a signed pair of gloves from our fighter of the month and the only place to be for that is Boxingtalk."

"We're proud to be with Boxingtalk because you guys keep it real. You guys are the real authentic website of boxing. It's raw and it's real, just like Grant. Just like you guys get the interviews with the fighters nobody else can get a hold of because the fighters know you're real, it's the same with Grant Boxing and that's why we're together now!"