G. Leon's Mailbag On Fire!

By Jose Aguirre aka OnFire


G. Leon's Mailbag On Fire!

I truly believe that Mike Tyson is a shell of himself. If I were a betting man I would say that if it weren't for the money, Mike wouldn't be fighting anymore. He looks spiritually and psychologically beaten. I hope that he does the right thing and just concentrate on a different career. By the way, can you imagine what Toney or Tarver might have done to him had they fought....OUCH!! Angel Guzman

OnFire's response: What's up Angel? Is? Mike Tyson has been a shell of himself for quite some time now. Do you not remember the time Botha was outboxing him for 5 rounds before he ended matters? Yea, they say the last thing a fighter loses is his power, but what if the power you have is not enough as was the case against Williams. Tyson shot his load in the first round and most, including myself thought Danny boy was in trouble. At that point, it was over before it ended, if you know ehat I mean. Tyson did not look like he wanted to continue after the knockdown and look buzzed. All Tyson knows is boxing and how to fight. Toney-Tyson would have been great as long as it lasted with Toney being too slick for Tyson. By the looks of it, Tarver would have outboxed Tyson until that point where everyone should know he can't go past, and stopped Tyson with an accumalation of punches.

Wow, Im amazed at how people relentlessly ignore Mayorga's ability. His ability doesn't lye in his style but in his heart. His ability is strength and courage. This is a fighter who trains and gets himself and shape to the point of fighting like a madman for 12 rounds is common and possible for him. Even when the fight is over he'll run around with his hands up. Tito's first fight will be overwhelming to himself. Sparring is not the same as an actual fight as far as conditioning goes. Im sure he's fully aware of that, and what he's going to get is a man who will pressure him with BOMBs not jabs for 12 rounds. Good luck tito. Thumbs up to Danny Williams for his victory. Roy's a coward. Tarver's procrastinating. Hopkins is lucky. Oscar is crazy, in both a good and bad way. Gatti is underrated. Floyd is king. Tzsyu is overrated. Mitchell has tiny balls. Vivian is stupid. Hatton is not a contender. Corrales is asking for trouble. Popo is p4p #3. Morales is one bad dude. Pacquiao and Marquez need to fight again for #2 p4p. P4P #1? Miguel Cotto in 2 years or Floyd in 1 year. Highly disputable thoughts on my part, but that's what the mailbags for. Love the site, AL

OnFire's response: Al, how's it going? Mayorga has the ablity to captivate an audience with his antics. The abilty to make us wonder due to his braziness, heart and determination. The way in which he ended matters with Lewis and Forrest helped out too. But ablity to box and bang with one of the best is not the same. His abilty, his heart and courage, as you call it, is what will get him in trouble. Trinidad is a solid boxer-puncher who throws straight punches that fit right in with Mayorga's wide shots. The fight, I believe will be interesting up until the point where Mayorga sticks out his chin. Two thumbs up for Danny Williams for his shalacking of Mikey. Roy, a coward? (sarcastically) but he's fighting Johnson. Tarver's undisputed. I wish I had Hopkin's kind of luck. Yea, crazy rich(good) and crazy in love(bad, sometimes). Gatti underrated? I don't know. Under Mayweather? Yes. Tzsyu is overdue, actually. Corrales and Freitas are both in trouble, they've been down a combined 12 times. Popo at # 3? I'm afraid to ask who's one and two. Thanks for sharing.

come on, u have to get an interview with harris soon. i guess he has pulled out and not taken the fight with hatton. i just read it on fightnews.com. i hope it isn't true, cuz that would have been a great fight. but after harris talked all of his shit, this would make him seem like a bitch!! i know it's both sides fault, but warren did agree for the money harris wanted so this time i think it is not mainly warren's fault!! sergio herrera

OnFire's response: Sergio, sergio, sergio. I'm surprised at you. I've seen you up in the mailbags before so I know that you know. Guessing is for gameshows and you can be sure that BoxingTalk is doing what it does best to bring you the latest from the fighter himself. The fight can be one to rememeber if it comes off as planned. Stay tuned.

I must say that lately I've been skimming through "DA BAG" looking for decent emails to read. Reading these arguments about "Re-tard", "Golden Gay", and "Pito Trindad" are getting pretty boring. Who cares what they've done before? "Re-tard is always going to get knocked for not stepping up in weight or for not fighting better opposition. "Golden Gay" will always get knocked for never finishing strong against Mosley and "Pito". "Pito" is always going to get knocked for getting schooled by "Re-tard" then calling it quits. Again I ask who cares? On another note, what did you think of theMorales/Hernandez fight? I think if Hernandez had a better punch he could have made the fight a bit closer. I think Morales will eventually run into a real puncher and have a tough time getting a win. Hernandez hit him a lot and cut him up but Morales was able to tough it out and land the cleaner if not harder shots. Who would you take in a Casamayor-Morales fight? I think Casamayor would cut and bruise him up pretty good with his head if not with his fists. Peace out from a "Latino, Hispanic, Chicano, Mexican". Moreno M from PHX by way of South Central L.

OnFire's response: Moreno, que pasa? Hey, if you don't care I won't even go there. Morales-Hernandez was an action packed, fast paced boxing lesson. Hernandez had the will and determination to come forward and fight but it was Morales who had the smarts to box when he had too and fight when he needed too. I don't know if it would have been closer, maybe alot more interesting. With this win, I think Morales showed that he is the best jr lightweight in the world including Casamayor.

Whats up!! The can't miss fight of the year will definitely be Mayorga-Trinidad. I myself believe you have to make Trinidad the favorite to win hands down. The one element thats really adding interest to the fight is trinidad has not fought in two years. I know a lot of people really aren't making a big deal about it but you never know what two years off will do to Trinidad. One things for sure, Mayorga ain't gonna giveTrinidad a chance to shake off the rust. We know Mayorga is going to come forward and throw BOMBS until he gets KO'd or until he KOs Felix. And trinidad will pretty much do the same. That's enuff for me to giveup 50 bucks. It's gonna be a great FIGHT. As for the DeLaHoya-Hopkins fight, don't be suprised if this fight turns out to be a real stinker. DLH is training real hard to do one thing. Be able to jab and run for 12 rounds. IF and this is a very big IF, Delahoya miraculously can get into good enough shape to stick and move for 12 rounds he CAN win a very BORING fight. Hopkins doesn't have that one punch power that can change a fight. I see this fight being dictated by How good a shape Delahoya is in. I know this is the Delahoya hate site and credit isn't something Oscar gets much of but we all must admit, Delahoya can Box, and he is quick. IF he's in shape and able to stick and move, he can win I believe he will win. In the other hand, If he comes in the shape he has in rescent years and runs outta gas mid fight, hopkins by way of Knockout!! cesar- ft. lauderdale

OnFire's response: What's up Cesar? As a diehard boxing fan there are many "can't miss" fights in my book. Freitas-Corrales, Hopkins-DLH, Tszyu-Mitchell, Wright-Mosley just to name a few. I must admit that Trinidad-Mayorga is the fight I'm most anxious about. Will Mayorga's bravado and trash talking get to Tito? Probably not. Will the inactivity be a factor in this fight? We shall see. IMO it won't even be a question. Have you ever seen DLH in a boring fight? Last time I checked a championship fight was 12 rounds and we all know Hopkins doesn't need one punch power. He breaks you down throughout the fight. If DLH can come in better shape than when he fought Sturm, some people may see a different fight than they imagined.

Someone had posted on your email that you said that Vargas is washed up, well in everybody's opinion it seems as though he is washed up. His exaggeration on everyone would rather see Oscar and Vargas, rather than Oscar and Hopkins is absurd, are you sure that was not Vargas writing you!!!!!

OnFire's response: If that was in fact Vargas, as least he's a member here at BT. To think, someone was serious about that email too. We've seen Oscar and Vargas, we know the results. Vargas has been out of the loop lately and there have been some speculation as to a back problem. Before a person asks for a DLH-Vargas rematch, they should ask that Vargas make a healthy recovery and return.

Hey Mr LEon I respect ur opnion and ur thoughts on the Dik Ridah (Trinidad Cheerleader) by the name of FERNANDO that wrote the piece on Mayorga has never fought anyone Try getting Hit 8 times with chin out in the open like he did to Forrest ask Alex Terra Garcia about leaving his chin open LIGHTS OUT and turns scrubs liek SIMMS to champs even though to me Alex was winning the fight. I dont know Many fighters in the Sport today that would have swallowed the BLOWS like Mayorga did. And also not to mention this and find excuses but Mayorgas 1st loss was against Aranda and it was cause of cuts and as well as malnutrition for Mayorga. Try coming from a 3rd World Country and have nothing to eat for days under 90 degree Heat and still have the Balls to get in a ring. A lot of Mayorgas HUMBLE beginnings is tru as well as many other Great fighters that came from 3rd World countries They fight with Heart and Balls and Pride like Many Others have like Duran ,Salvador Sanchez, Chavez, Arguello and Many others. This Idiot is obviously some ignorant Boricua that Knows NOTHING about coming from a 3rd World Country cause they are so used to living of the Gov and getting all the help they can get from America i dare him to try to Survive a day in Nicaragua or Cuba many other nations where Gutta is Gutta Fo real and see how Gulley He keeps Faggot as Nigga . I wonder where Puerto Rico Will be at as an independent Nation and its Economy without having the US as their backbone but then Again thats another Subject. That was Great Mr Leon keep it up BOXINGTALK.NET THE GULLIEST AND REALEST WEB SITE #1. Thanks for exposing whats REAL. I know that may sound ignorant about the Comment i made about Boricuas But i gotta give this idiot a taste of his own medicine. I hope this Makes it on the Mail bag.

OnFire's response: What's up dawgg? I wouldn't recommend anyone letting anybody hit them while thier hands were down. Garcia did not intentionally put his chin out there but he might have well should have. He didn't protect himself at all times and Simms took advantage. Who's the scrub there? By the way Mayorga jumped from welterweight to middleweight in less than ten months at least we know he's not malnurished. Speaking of heat, 90 degrees may not be enough to prepare for Trinidad. About your comments, at least you gave him a taste of his own ignorance.

What's up ? This is the site that the true boxing fans come to to find out what's going on in the game. You guys ought to have your own TV show on some SportsChannel. Well, I have to start out by talking about what happened last night. I hope this proves to Tyson once and for all that it's time to retire. I say this as a Mike Tyson fan. No disrespect to Danny Williams, but it was Danny Williams who knocked him out. At this point I'd honestly have to say he has to choose between money and his health (and the money's not gonna be nearly as sweet after this). It looked to me like he ran out of gas somewhere during the third round. It also looked to me like he couldn't beat the count because he was more exhausted than knocked out. But whatever the reason, it's time to retire. He's getting paid like he does because we all watch when he fights. I watched it on pay-per-view like many others because of curiosity. We all wanted to see what he had left and how he would do against the current crop of heavyweights. That coupled with a lot of the reports and rumors and an interview with Freddie Roach assuring us fans that Tyson's renewed dedication, the intensity of this training camp, and the great condition he is in will show us something different from his last couple of performances. If he fights again his next fight certainly won't be on pay-per-view and even if it was nobody I know would think about ordering it, the curiosity is over... it's time to retire. He has exceeded the limit of the number of good fights a fighter has in them. Age has definitely become a factor--- I was shocked at how much he lacked the explosiveness he once had. I've only watched the fight once while it was on live but it seems like I remember him almost being pushed off balance by the referee at one point. And even though he did throw combinations in this fight, the speed and fluidity with which he threw them has vanished-- as if he had to really think about what he was going to do before he did it. I have a tape of Mike Tyson's greatest knockouts, but now he's starting to show up on highlight reels for the wrong reasons... it's time to retire. The leg injury can happen to any boxer at any age, but as some boxer's age they become more prone to injuries. Mike is 38 and apparently too old to fight like Mike Tyson. How many heavyweights that fought with a style similar to Mike Tyson were able to be a factor in the division at that age? Do you think Tyson getting knocked out increases the chances of Antonio Tarver and James Tony getting it on any earlier? And speaking of them, I hope you do an interview with either of them because I'd love to hear their take on what happened. Take care and keep up the excellent work. Brian Johnson---Anchorage, Alaska

OnFire's response: What's happening Brian in Achorage? We want the world chico, and everything in it. A show on a sports channel would be nice too. Danny Williams came and conquered. He did just as he advertised. Tyson tried to impose his will early in the fight but Danny boy was having none of it. He knew what he had to do to make Mike Tyson eat out of his hands. And eat Tyson did, lefts and rights. Could he have gotten up? Did he even want too? Didn't matter, IMO Tyson was done before he fought Williams. Every fighter will say that he is in the best shape of his life in every next fight. Trainers are no different. Like when Roach said he wanted Tyson to put in rounds. We all know that Roach would have loved nothing more than a quick KO. Though I feel it is time to retire I'm sure there are those that will feel otherwise. I'm sure if Tyson continues fighting tarver and Toney will be two fighters he will steer clear of for now.

I saw the Tyson fight lastnight, and I watched it at a sportsbar, because I figured it wouldn't be much of a fight, and the undercard was going to be bs. Boy was I wrong, it was a hell of a fight, just the wrong guy won. I mean it was a firefight, Tyson looked real good the first 2 rounds, he was tiring by round 3, and Danny Willianms showed some real heart and determination, the guy showed a great chin, and good fighting ability. I mean he just said fuckit, lets go to war, and I just knew that would be the wrong strategy, but apparently it wasn't. Danny was unloading some great punches, and so was Tyson, Tyson was catching some, but he was dropping, and countering and looking pretty good, even though I knew it was getting real dangerous in there, Tyson looked a whole lot better in this fight than he did in his last several fights, much better than the Lewis fight, and several fights before even though he lost, his technique was better, and he fought much harder and more focused for the first 3 rounds, but then came round four. I knew Tyson was tired after the 3rd, but I couldn't hear anything in the place I was at, he came out for the 4th, and he through some hard shots, but he was dead tired, he was just standing striaght up in the middle of the ring, hands at his waist, head straight in the air, and I knew it was bad news, then Danny just tead off on him and the whole place went crazy, Danny KHTFO. It looked like Tyson didn't even want to get up, he looked bewildered, like he couldn't believe what just happened, it looked like he was saying to himself that wasn't suppose to happen, and he just laid there thinking about it, and that seemed like a long ass count too, and then when the ref was counting him out, he just decided to get up to show face, but he had no intention of trying to get up to fight. With all of that said, it is a sad day in boxing, Mike Tyson is a guy that gives you so much of his life, and lays it right out there in front of you for the world to see, you feel like you know him, you feel a bond with him, and you want him to make it and succeed, and you feel sorry for what he has become. He is broke, in debt, has nothing, can't fight anymore, and he has too, to make money, so we will unfortunitely have to watch Mike take beatings like this in the future. It is something you hate to see, but that is reality, Mike Tyson's career is over as a top contender, he will now be reduced to an opponent, and that will be sad. JB

OnFire's response: JB, whats up? I agree it was a hell of a fight but disagree that the wrong guy won. The last man standing is always the victor and can't no judge or ref get that wrong. Maybe Tyson looked better against Williams because Danny gave him a chance to look good in that first round. Lewis wasn't having it. I have to admit I saw glimpses of the Douglas fight when Tyson fought Williams but a long count was not one of them. I also hope that this is the end of the road for Tyson but I suspect that it may not be. We will see him again, and we might even see him win but will it matter then?

I've seen Hernandez fight three times, the Mayweather fight, part of the Forbes fight, and the Morales fight. I don't remember the Mayweather fight all that well because it was so long ago, but I think that was the fight when Mayweather was having terrible hand problems. I watched some of the fight he had with Forbes, and I stopped watching it, and said to myself that this guy can't fight at all! He has no boxing skill, he makes Mayorga look like Ali (exaggerating somewhat). I then looked to Boxrec.com to see that he won the title because the bout was stopped due to a headbutt, then in his fight against Forbes, it says that fight was stopped due to a headbutt as well. In the Morales fight, honestly I didn't see the great fight that everyone else saw, I saw Morales dominating a guy who had no boxing skill at all. The guy was awkward as hell, threw crazy wide looping punches, he was aggressive, but far from effectively aggressive. He had no gameplan other than to press Morales and hope to land a bomb. He was off balance a lot, his punches were not crisp, clean, or effective. Morales dominated the bigger man, but not a skilled bigger man, and I honestly thought Morales looked better in his last fight against Chavez than he did against Hernandez. I think most of that is attributed to how awkward Hernandez was. Your thoughts? Jason

OnFire's response: Jason, what's popping? Like I mentioned earlier Morales-Hernandez was a fast-paced boxing lesson. Hernandez showed grit and determination and kept coming forward. He came to fight. Hernandez himself said he may not have great boxing skills but he comes to fight and I have to agree with him. Sometimes all you have to do is come to fight and things happen. In this case it didn't as Morales dominated with crisp punches in high volumes constantly using ring generalship. How could Morales have looked better against Chavez with only one hand as opposed to Hernandez where he had both?

Hey, I don't know about you, but I don't want to see Mike Tyson getting hurt in the ring, so I hope he looks long and hard at his latest performance. I believe that his knee injury may have played a role in the outcome of this fight, but other than the one time that he buckled in the 1st, he didn't show any signs that he was seriously hampered by it. I just hope that he doesn't balloon up like Toney while he's healing.All the credit in the world to Danny Williams, wow, he showed he's got both heart and a chin! Lets hope he can keep his momentum and not let this big win go to his head (ie Buster Douglas). Thank god Golota is getting another shot at a title. I think that he will finally put Ruiz away. Give Johnny props for being tough, but exciting he's not. After all, sports are a form of entertainment, something Ruiz has never provided. Where the heck is Tua??? He and Golota should have been champs a long time ago, at least Golota is still in the mix.Hassim Rahman has fought 4 times this year! At least we have one heavyweight who's not afraid to be active...get this man a title shot!!! Sadly, with DK in control of 75% of the titles, it will be YEARS before we see a unified heavyweight champ...Thanks Don, you're a real fan of the sport...you asshole!!! Ted Lamoureux / Atlanta GA

OnFire's response: Hey Ted. Mike Tyson was hurt by a Danny Williams barrage. The outcome of the fight was due to blows to the head, not kicks to the knee. Mike showed signs of being hurt by his wincing of the face but you're right, it didn't show in the following rounds. If Tyson balloons up, it could really be over. I don't think he is dedicated enough to be able to lower his weight. Williams has arrived by storm into the eyes and minds of many people. Fans want to see what he can do from here on out. He knows this is his opportunity to make something of what alot of people thought was nothing. Tua seems to be out of the game due to managerial problems. Hope he doesn't balloon up to wrestling status. 4 times? Against who?


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