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I give all the credit in the world to Corrales beating Frietas. I don't give any credit to Goosen though. He gave no instruction on how to combat what Frietas was doing. Had Frietas more power Corrales would have been knocked out. Corrales had absolutely no answer for the first seven rounds. He can say the "teams" game plan was to wait Frietas out until he was tired of dancing then nail him, but I don't think that game plan included getting hit repeatedly for seven rounds in the face with huge right hands. Is Frietas on the down slide? He would have and should have lost the fight with Barrios (my fight of the year). If barrios could see he never would have been knocked out. Talk about heart. I would have liked to see Frietas exhibit Barrios' heart vs Corrales. Congrats Corrales on a great victory. I like him. I don't like Goosen,

OnFire's response: Casamayor, are you still upset that Joe Goossen is training Corrales?

Hey On Fire how you doing, just wanted to let you know first and foremost how proud I am of boxingtalk.net and people like G. Leon that give the opportunity to people like you, that have so much boxing knowledge to share with the boxing world on the web. Today I just wanna say im proud to be a boxing fanatic because us boxing fans always have exciting things to talk about. For example: in the last 2 weeks it was great, first we saw Mike Tyson get knocked out by Danny Williams now we experienced somewhat of a domination by Acelino Freitas through out the first 7 to 8 rounds but whats so great about boxing is the fact that the score can always break out even when someone has the potential and skills like a Diego Corrales that with just 1 punch there can be a turn of events. those knockdowns i witnessed were unreal for Acelino Freitas to be able to get up so fast from those knockdowns unreal he showed a lot of heart but the big question that stands what was his first reaction when he went into the locker room and said to himself wow i just quit. will this decision he made change the course of his boxing career? OnFire do you feel he made the right decision by quitting? Should he have continued because when he fought Barrios he was clearly losing that fight but it was his heart and determination that brought him to victory with a knockout in the later rounds. also where should he go from here should he fight a lighter opposition opponent? or do you think he should give us boxing fans what we want to see a rematch with Casamayor. OnFire thanks for your time keep up the good work. George Figueroa

OnFire's response: All good G. Thanks for the accolades. I really appreciate the support. I have to agree with you about the exciting things and not so exciting things we can talk about in the world of boxing. If it's not a potential match-up, a bad decision, the worst referees, or the outcome of a fight, it could just as well be who's the best pound for pound fighter in the world. Tyson conquerer Danny Williams did what he came to do and I don't believe there should be any excuses. I knew Tyson would lose to Williams. No one is scared of the Tyson myth anymore. Meeting Danny Williams I must say he is a nice guy. He seemed surprised that I chose him to win. I had the honor of being at this fight and the electricity that was flowing in the arena was awesome. Hundreds of Popo followers. Hundreds of Chico supporters. Thousands of people. Freitas is a great champion and has always conducted himself as such in and out of the ring. I don't take anything away from Freitas. It takes alot of heart to do what he did. More heart than if he would have kept fighting. But then again, that's my opinion. Different people will take it different ways. In terms of his career from here, I'm still asking myself the same question. I don't think it will hinder his career in any way. I presume Showtime will bring him back soon. I think he did make the right decision. Let me take you back to June 26th, 2001. U.S.S Intrepid. Remember you questioned if Beethaevan Scottland should continue? Remember the end result? He was taken out on a stretcher and fell into a coma shortly afterwards. He died of his injuries 6 days later. Remember how sad we were that day? I never want to feel that again from the sport I love so much. I take nothing away from Acelino Popo Freitas. He is a bigger man today in MY book. Freitas can still compete at the top level. He was beaten by a good champion in Diego Corrales.

Onfire is really On Fire!! Great job with the bag man and I don't just saythat because you've posted two of my emails on back-to-back days.I read where one guy mentioned that so many Mexicans hate Borricuas. Being Mexican I wish I could tell him why it happens but I don't know the answer to that one. I think it's stupid anyways. I know plenty of Mexicans that root for "Pito" and "Cotto". I for one love nothing more then a fight between a Mexican and a "Rican". Although I will always root for the Mexican, even when I know there is little chance (Vargas Vs Trindad), I won't disrespect the Ricans. There is great history in boxing between these two countries. Look up Wilfredo Gomez Vs Salvador Sanchez. Or Angel Espada Vs. Pipino Cuevas. Let's not forget Macho Camacho Sr. and the late Edwin Rosario Vs Julio Cesar Chavez. Great Rican fighters vs. great Mexican fighters. What's your take on the upcoming Daniel Santos Vs. Antonio Margarito bout? Moreno M from PHX by way of South Central L.A

OnFire's response: What's up Double M? Like Lloyd Banks says " We On Fire, up in here, we On Fire". Thanks, I really appreciate it. I also don't know the answer to that one but I agree with you in the sense that it's nonsense. Mexican boxers along with those of Puerto Rico have always made the sport a rivalry which only gives fans some great match-ups like the ones you mentioned above. Daniel Santos and Antonio Margarito fought to a NC due to a bad cut over Margarito's right eye. Santos is a slick southpaw boxer who knows how to use the ring well. Margarito is good boxer who has shown some power in stopping four of his last five opponents. I haven't seen much of Santos since early in his career but I presume he's only gotten better. He's won his last four fights since facing Margarito stopping only Yori Boy Campas in the 11th. Can Santos be slick enough to stay away from Margarito's power? Will Margarito even bring it with him? I like Margarito to box with Santos and look for the openings that will add another win to his resume.

Watch Joe Goosen this Saturday. The guy kills me. I think he gets way too much credit for the Corrales win over Casamayor. I also think he is does a major disservice to his boxers because he is an ego maniac. They call him "Hollywood" for a reason. Watch him Saturday night. He is one of the few trainers that thinks the match is about him. He cannot sit in the background and let his boxer take center stage. He walks in before his fighter, many times runs to the center ring before his fighter, he's a joke. If you watch the Castillo/Lascano fight again, you'll see he is at the center ring for instructions and his fighter isn't with him because Lascano wasn't ready, was till getting prepped or whatever. But the point is, Hey jackass, get your friggin fighter. The funniest was when Casamayor beat Corrales, Casamayor went across the ring to jump on the ropes but didn't make it. Why? Cuz Goosen tackled him to the ground. Hey, let the friggin guy celebrate. If he wanted to jump in your arms he would have. Now enough of that shit. That's more my personal feeling and is up for interpretation. Now this next stuff I don't think can be disputed. People give credit to Goosen for the victory against Casamayor. Whoaaaa. Corrales was coming real close to knocking homeboy out in the first fight had it not been stopped. So I dont think Corrales became so great cuz of Goosen. Corrales knew he had to box more the second fight. You'd have to be an idiot not to know that. If Goosen is so great then why was his boy about to get knocked out against Corrales? Why couldn't he make adjustments? He runs a terrible corner!! Watch this Saturday night. He is unorganized. When things get hectic in the fight Goosen becomes flustered. His ego makes him do it all. He doesn't have a cut man. So when things get crazy with cuts, he's trying to do that and talk to his boxer and he's a friggin mess. Case in point. Lascano was swelling bad vz Catillo. Goosen never applied an ice or end swell to Lascano. This caused his eyes to close and he was a sitting duck. Has Goosen not been a control freak a cut man would have been working on Lascano from start to finish and maybe he would've been able to see better with better results in the fight. Watch Saturday and let me know what you think and if you see what I have been pointing out. Lastly, S Mosely is going to regret the day he went with "Hollywood". Take care, Shane's Dad Kidding D

OnFire's response: Not only did I watch Goossen work this weekend, I also had the privilege to spend some time with him before Saturday's fight. You have to give Goossen credit for Corrales' win over Casamayor. Goossen doesn't seem self-centered or selfish to me. If you ask me why they would call him Hollywood, I would say it's because if he wasn't a trainer he could very well be an actor. He has the looks for it. You think a fighter is the only one that sacfices his personal and family life when he trains for a big fight? Do you not think Goossen works hard to make Diego work harder? Don't you think he too deserves to be excited and wanting to celebrate? Again, Goossen deserves credit for leading Corrales into his win over Casamayor. Fighters know what it takes to beat certain styles, but without a solid gameplan it doesn't always work. A trainer works the game plan, looking for openings and mistakes in a fighter and relaying that important info to his own. Goossen's corner is always calm, no matter what the situation and that has to be good for his fighters. Could you imagine taking punches, being fatigued or getting rocked in a round and then going back to your corner where it is hectic with shouting and swearing? In the fight with Freitas, Goossen gave Diego some good instructions. "Don't get lazy with your defense", "Watch out for counter-punches", Keep your chin tucked and come up the middle when in close", "Force him to fight, but do it smart". Looking at the Showtime interview as I write this I don't seem to see Goossen trying to be in the spotlight either. The same has to be said for the post-fight press conference which I attended. After the fight I told Joe I would like to see him get Trainer of the Year and he brushed it off like he didn't merit it. But after leading Corrales to wins over Casamayor and Freitas I think he's a candidate. Don't hate on the best dressed trainer in boxing.

Jose let me reply to your comments on Trinidad - Hopkins. You
seriously don't think Bernard Dominated Tito. Correct me if I'm wrong, Other than the 6th round which round did Tito win. Maybe the First but we all know BHOP starts slow. So I'll give you the 1st and 6th round, thats it. Just two rounds and really just one because the first round tito didn't really do much but I'll give it to him. And Bernard outlanded tito 260 to 129 in total punches. and he did TKO him in the 12th. In my book thats Domination. As far as me saying BHOP K tito TFO. OK maybe I took it a bit far. You know what, I'll take it back....but I think we all know it was gonna happen. Who knows Tito more than his father. He threw in the towel because he knew what was comin - You know what was comin - we all know what was comin. Tito was done!! and papa Trinidad did the right thing. because he wasn't only gonna get KTFO he was gonna get HURT!! real bad. I'm not gonna write about this any longer cause a couple of my rican cousins gonna kill me. lol.....but seriously jose, my only point is - Trinidad fans should behave like Felix Trinidad. Show class, give Bernard his props and stop the excuses. cause if the tables were turned you wouldn't want bernard fans takin away from Tito's
accomplishment. on this Freitas-Corrlaes fight I got Corrales by 4 to 7th round KO!!! Jose "onFire" Aguirre thanks for letting me speak.
cesar, ft. lauderdale

OnFire's response: Yes, I seriously don't think Bernard dominated Tito. I'm not going to dispute that Trinidad did not win many rounds but IMO he was always in the fight until the end. Trinidad kept coming forward and making the fight. The fact that round ten was round of the year solidfies what I'm trying to say. Hey, because I believe that Trinidad was in the fight until the end it only says that much more about Hopkins. And to think 10% of the people polled by HBO during the fight had Trinidad winning before the fight was halted. I said in an earlier bag that Papa Trinidad robbed Hopkins of that spectacular KO. Round eleven was a total domination for Hopkins but not all rounds were won in this fashion. Trinidad continued to come forward even in the 12th round. Hey one outta two aint bad. You got the Corrales win but had to wait a few more rounds to get it.

Post this on the Mailbag,
In the last mailbag there was a guy name Cesar from Fort Lauderdale which said he has not met any puertorican that gave Hopkins credit on beating TIto fair and simple. Well I would like to tell him that I am a Puerto Rican and I give total credit and admire how Hopkins managed that night to cover himself from Tito devastated hook and outbox him. Yes, it might sound as an excuse the personal situations Tito was going through in those days but definetly I agree with him, the sport is not based on a personal life situation and in order to sign the papers to fight you need to be ready mentally and physically. So it was Tito total fault and Bernard did what he had to do. All I can say to Cesar is remind him which has been Hopkins greatest performance and you will see that he had only ever give a beating so once sided in his entire career and thats
Tito's fight. It is like pitching a No hitter, and thats what Hopkins did, MY question is in the next 12 rounds when they square again, and Tito break the No Hitter how will Hopkins react!

OnFire's response: As I mentioned in an earlier mailbag, I went to the Garden for Trinidad-Hopkins thinking that Tito would totally dominate Hopkins. This after seeing him breeze through Vargas and Joppy. I was not alone as rumor had it that that Middleweight trophy already had Felix Trinidad's name on it. As I watched the fight unfold, I was starting to believe that I was on my way to being wrong. I was wrong in a big way and Hopkins was the one that was right that night. He had the right game plan, the right focus and I can't forget to mention the right hand. As I left the Garden I was praising Hopkins for his dismantling of Puerto Rico's pride and joy. Was I on the bandwagon as some may have been thinking? Hey, I was just applauding the beautiful way in which Bernard Hopkins boxed and ended matters that evening. So I too gave and still do give Bernard Hopkins my respect for that bout. Focus is key in a fight, especially one of that caliber and if personnal problems can affect the job at hand then that is one advantage you lose. It is a fighters job as well as his most important task to keep up to par. Douglas used the death of his mother and channeled that focus on fighting Tyson and it worked for him because he stay focused. If and when Hopkins-Trinidad II happens there will be many more questions even after the first fight. Can Hopkins repeat? Will Trinidad get stopped ealier? We would all have to wait and see how he reacts.

I just want to make a prediction for this weekend: Freitas by KO in 5. I don't think Chico will be able to take the power Freitas brings to the table. Chico is a very good 130-pounder, maybe even the best, but he has nothing to look for at 135. "Popo" will show the world he belongs with the elite at that weight and he deserves a fight with Morales (which I think he would lose). BTW, that Morales - Hernandez fight is probably a very good mark at how the Trinidad - Mayorga fight will look. Morales is a very accurate puncher, such as Tito, and Hernandez is a come-forward-with-bombs fighter, like Mayorga. I've been predicting Tito by KO but I really think it might end in a UD now. We'll have to see. P.S. I saw this fighter last night, Juan Ubaldo, and I think he's going to be really good in the future. I believe he was robbed of a win and given a draw but he will come back and prove he is a good prospect. Keep the name on a sticky near your monitor because you will see it again.

OnFire's response: Well, I guess we were both wrong. I too chose Freitas to win. Being down eight times in his career I didn't think he would be able to handle Popo's punches. In an earlier mailbag Bo wrote about the 5lb difference and how it could benefit Diego. But this is not always the case. Corrales took some right hand shots but shook them off showing that the added weight did him well. I believe Freitas was hurt sometime before he spit out the mouthpiece for the first time in the fight. I guess it is Corrales who showed the world where he belongs in the 135lb divison. All hail the king. I wouldn't be quick to compare Morales-Hernandez with the fight we have coming up on Oct 2nd. For one, Mayorga is bringing more heat than Hernandez is capable of bringing. Two, Morales has not been inactive. Trinidad has a suspect chin while Morales has taken shots from some good punchers. I recorded Friday night fights but have yet to watch it. I heard you and I got the name, Juan Ubaldo.

What`s good OnFire... Just saw the Freitas-Corrales fight last night. Man, It was just a matter of time for Freitas to lose his Championship Belt. Even before he faught Casamayor, I knew he would lose to a good quality fighter. The man might have quick hands , punches hard, but where was his defense?? Dude, never had his guard up. Left himself open after throwing a few punches. Also, IMO I think it was for the best. A good hard punching fighter he is but does not deserve to be champion. This guy just said "No Mas" and quit for no reason. Yes he was losing and behind after 3 knockdowns but you don`t just quit or give up just like that, Especially when youre defending your Belt. Since when does being behind makes it allright for a fighter to quit. I mean, you tough it out...you let the ref or your corner stop it. You keep going until the guy drops you again and you can`t get up. The guy wasn`t that hurt if he gut up quick enough to think about what was he going to do next. HE HAS NO HEART. I mean he had like a round or two to go...he could`ve pulled a miracle and win before the fight was over with his heavy hands. Hence, Taylor vs. Chavez.. Chavez didn`t go down in that fight but he was way behind on the score cards and still pulled that last round knockout win on Taylor. I wouldv`e expected maybe a contender to give up trying to get the belt. But this guy was a champion, a champion who just decided to give it away. A champion`s attitude should be like, ""You might`ve knocked me down, but You`re gonna have to kill me to get this belt from around my waist."" Ok OK, so maybe I don`t know what was going through his head, maybe he was in pain from a broken hand knuckle bone whatever....maybe just maybe he saw a vision from god that told him to quit, or maybe he just wanted to stop before he started to bleeding and didn`t want to get any of it on his pretty wife. Who knows..!?! Anyway, enough babbling. What`s your opinion Fire??? Good work to Corrales and I hope he`ll give Casamayor a rematch. Hopkins Vs. DeLahoya... I don`t care who wins or loses I`m not a DeLahoya or Hopkins Fan. Will prob be a long boring fight, then again maybe not. But I am a fan of the sport so, I will be watching since it will be an interesting fight. If hoya wins, He`ll prob retire, if he losses he`ll fight one more time against a nobody to get an easy win and then retire. If Hopkins wins or loses , he`ll get paid BIG and will prob go on vacation for about 6 months or more like he did when he got his cool Million vs. Trinidad. Expect to see Hopkins fight again Summer of 2005. Trinidad and Mayorga for me, will be a more interesting fight more than Hoya vs Hopkins. Trinidad who`s a Heavy puncher Boxer who has a seek and destroy style, and Mayorga who so far has a tough chin, and heavy hands brawler. This fight won`t go past 5 rounds. Let`s just hope there are NO POSTPONEMENTS of any of the fights! OnFire... The floor is yours pal, you may fire when ready..
~Joe from Brooklyn

OnFire's response: It's all good Joe, just chillin. If it was only a matter of time, then this is the time that matters. You have a new king at lightweight and his name is Diego "Chico" Corrales. That was one of the thing I knew would hurt his chance. He backs straight up with his hands down and leaves himself open to counters. The reason he quit was because he was getting beat from pillar to post. Joe, this is real. Fighters have been killed in the ring, which I'm sure you know. He could have been badly hurt had he continued and was smart enough to know it. I think it takes alot of heart to say that you've had enough and quit. I'll pretend you just didn't compare Freitas with Chavez. If DLH-Hopkins becomes a boring fight it would only mean that DLH is not fighting and should be a matter of time before Hopkins catches him. I think both these men are bringing their A game to this fight and that should call for a decent performance, to say the least, from both men. I like Trinidad over Mayorga in one if he sticks out his chin. Brooklyn in da house!!

I'm sorry, but I disagree with the idea that Tarver would've boxed Mike into submission if he'd fought instead of Williams. I think to say that discredits how well Danny stood up to Mike's first-round onslaught. Seriously dude, who else would you put money on to have taken those shots? Toney, ok I'll give you him, but Tarver, as a naturally much smaller man... no way bro. I dig Tarver the most, seriously, but the way Mike was winging them hooks in, I feared for Danny's health - and Tarver would still be finding his teeth in the cheap seats today. Danny proved he's a major contender for the big one and no shit brother, FrankenKlitschko better watch out. The only Heavy out there right now who can walk into a Williams fight is Toney. No question. And he better be at his best. What's your thoughts, baby?

OnFire's response: After my initial response I knew I would get some feedback on my comment. I really thought about it and started questioning if anyone else would have been able to withstand those shots. Hey, I'm not always right and maybe this time I was even questioning myself. Tyson did bring some heat and Williams being 265lbs helped him absorb the shots. I don't think anyone else would have stood up to those shots. Danny Williams has alot of routes he can go with his career. He won't be short of any dance partners. Spoke with Danny and he wants to fight for a title against any of the heavy's, mainly Vitali.

Tyson was exhausted. Word has it he wasn't able to spar many rounds in camp because his back wouldn't hold up. I think we saw evidence of that. He was exhausted and took those punches and didn't get up because of it. He didn't look hurt at all. He looked very clear.

OnFire's response: Tyson became exhausted after letting it all go. Word was that he was actually doing good in training. Looking the best he's ever been as they put it. It wasn't from his broken back. LOL. It was the knee. They made no mention of the back and neither should you. Didn't look hurt? Tyson saw little birds circling his head like in the cartoons. Yea, he looked clear. Clear-ly out of it.


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