Froch to Dodson-Don't Make It Five Feathers!


Froch to Dodson-Don't Make It Five Feathers!

Whilst talking about standout British and Commonwealth super middleweight champion Carl Froch last week, Tony Dodson said: ‘I just want to get him in the ring. This is despite the fact that approximately 48 hours previously he had turned down the opportunity to fight his rival on February 17th in a domestic blockbuster that would have been over 12 rounds, despite the fact that no title would be on the line given Froch’s mandatory commitments.

"Dodson talks so much shit that no-one listens to what he says anymore," said Froch.

"He likes to act big and walk around telling people that he wants to fight me because I have been slagging him off, even though I hardly ever mention his name as he’s not worth it, but when it comes down to it he is nothing but a bottle job.

"Everybody knows that, even his fellow scousers. That’s why he walks around Liverpool with his head down.

"Nothing he says holds any water. That’s why I am not going to dignify his ridiculous comments with a response other than this:

"February 17th Dodson, that’s the date, you know where I am.

"I want to win my Lonsdale belt outright, but I will fight you with nothing on the line because that’s what I’m about. If you want your chance and really think you can beat me, it won’t bother you if it’s for a Championship or not.

"The British title is fantastic, but you can gain more than that by fighting me. I am a marquee fighter ranked #7 in the world by the WBC, whereas everyone thinks you are a joke.

"You have pulled out on me three times and now turned down the opportunity to fight me on around six and a half weeks notice.

"Given your rant I’m giving you the opportunity again to fight me on the 17th February.

"You have avoided me four times with bullshit excuses, don’t make it five.