Froch injury delays Magee bout


Froch injury delays Magee bout

The injury that Carl Froch suffered whilst defeating Dale Westerman earlier this month has forced him to delay the highly anticipated mandatory defence of his British super middleweight title against Brian Magee, originally scheduled for March 31st in Belfast. During a second consultation yesterday with Orthopaedic specialist Dr. Nick Downing, the 28-year-old was instructed not to use his right arm for at least another three weeks given the diagnosis of a severe haematoma on his bicep, (see attached picture).

"I have to give it complete rest," Froch explained. "I can’t hit a pad, bag or even do a press up. Anything that extends the arm fully may open up the haematoma again and cause further bleeding under the skin.

"I have already given it a week off, but it needs at least another three to ensure it heals properly, so there is no way I can be ready for next month.

"It’s a massive disappointment, despite what some people will say. This isn’t some kind of route to get out of fighting Magee, if anyone needs proof of that all they have to do is look at the picture.

"I want Magee as soon as possible; I want to get him out of the way.

"I believe I can fight at a much higher level. Continuing to fight at this standard isn’t going to help me. I’m eager to step up and get moving."

This setback won’t hold back that process for long.

Froch added: "The good news is that the haematoma will heal 100% and I haven’t done any damage to my ligaments or tendons. The Magee fight will be delayed, but hopefully only by the month this injury has cost me.

"I can continue with the fitness aspect of my training, so if a new SKY date can be married up with a suitable venue there is no reason why I can’t face Magee at the end of April or in early May."

Froch will be back to his best for whenever it happens. The Nottingham fighter wants no repeat of the criticism he came in for last time out, despite stopping tough Australian Dale Westerman in nine rounds in the fifth defence of his Commonwealth title.

"That wasn’t my greatest performance," he admitted. "I took Westerman too lightly and was a bit lax in my training, but there were some positives.

"I got hit with a few digs, but at least I proved that I have got a good chin! He’d moved down from light heavyweight but didn’t make a dent on me. Like I said after the fight, you can’t go out in the rain without getting wet.

"In the third round I got injured when his elbow caught my bicep and I lost the effective use of my right arm, but I still dealt with a tough, rough handful who had travelled abroad before to beat Championship operators like WBC challenger Yoshinori Nishizawa.

"You could see the extent of the injury in my post fight interview on SKY, my bicep was deformed, but I showed again that I always find a way to win, like when I stopped Henry Porras and dominated Matthew Barney, again practically with one hand.

"I did think some of the stick was over the top. I expected a bit, but some people took it too far. That’s OK though, it will just make it all the more dramatic when I take out Brian Magee in style."