Froch gets behind gun amnesty


Froch gets behind gun amnesty

Press release: Nottingham's British and Commonwealth super middleweight champion Carl Froch has got behind a gun amnesty in his hometown that follows the tragic shooting and death of local girl Danielle Beccan on October 9th.

The amnesty - launched jointly by the local police force and council - gives anyone looking to get out of gun crime the opportunity to hand in their weapons, without prejudice, between December 1st and 14th at police stations in the City.

The campaign, that also features local DJ's Jo and Twiggy and footballer Des Walker, will see posters displayed around the area bearing the slogan: "Not in Nottingham, Not in my City."

"It is a privilege to be asked to support this effort," said Froch.

"Nottingham has been fantastic to me, so if I can give anything back, however small, I will."

Froch hopes that putting his name behind the campaign may also encourage young people tempted to tread a criminal path into boxing.

He added: "Boxing has a lot of detractors. People forget about the good it does.

"From a young age it teaches discipline and respect. If you go into your local amateur club you will see that.

"You will also see a whole bunch of kids who may have otherwise been out on the street and possibly even been led into a gun driven, criminal, culture."