Froch concern for Dodson


Froch concern for Dodson

As the 'Heirs Apparent' showdown looms, Commonwealth champion Carl Froch has started to question the credentials of his longstanding verbal combatant, Tony Dodson.

"There has been a worrying silence from the Dodson camp since the date for our showdown was announced,"stated 'The Cobra'.

"If I was up against any other fighter, it wouldn't concern me. But Dodson's a different kettle of fish- he's got bad history. When fights become a reality invariably Dodson goes deafeningly quiet.

Carl's reference to 'bad history' stems from Dodson's withdrawal from two previous scheduled events.

"For the last 10 months Dodson's proved one thing, he can talk a good fight. But that's all he can do.Talking aside, he's running scared," explained Carl.

"I wouldn't mind him trash talking me, if he had the guts to face me in the ring. It's simple though- he's got no fighting spirit.

"I'm seeing a pattern emerging here. Once is acceptable, twice is unlucky. But if he pulls out for a third time, I really think he needs to ask himself some questions about his boxing career.

Froch outlined the options opened to Dodson.

"Dodson has three choices- vacate the title, get stripped or fight me. I cannot understand why any self respecting champion wouldn't defend his title not least out of respect for the championship."

And Froch wasn't finished with calling the shots.

"If Dodson goes the route I'm predicting and swallows, I want to formally offer the fight to Brian Magee.

"It's on record, he's got four and a half weeks to prepare for a British and Commonwealth title showdown.

"These are real titles, not the type of titles he's flaunted for the last couple of years.

"I've heard Magee has aspirations of being the European champion. Well, he has to realise that he needs to settle business in his own backyard first.

"As champion, that means me," finished Froch.