Fres Oquendo Ready to Dominate Castillo on Friday

By Darren Nichols


Fres Oquendo Ready to Dominate Castillo on Friday

"As long as I show that I’m dominant against Castillo on Friday, then that’s as good as knocking him out."

For Fres Oquendo, fighting the toughest competition is how he does things.  He says he'll face anybody, and he has already stepped in the ring against Chris Byrd, David Tua, and Evander Holyfield.  When other fighters avoid southpaws, the Big O welcomes them.  This Friday, Oquendo takes on the rugged Elieser Castillo as part of ESPN2's Friday Night Fights.  Boxingtalk caught up with Oquendo to get his thoughts about facing Castillo, how preparation went for this fight, and what Oquendo plans to do next after he dominates his opponent on Friday.

BT:  Fres, how is preparation going for your fight this Friday against Elieser Castillo?

Fres Oquendo:  Spectacular.  I had great sparring, and six weeks of hard work.

BT:  What do you feel this fight does for your career?

Fres Oquendo:  It’s going to help me very much.  Castillo is a very tough guy.  He’s never been stopped, he’s a durable fighter, and it will get me closer to a heavyweight title.

BT:  What advantage do you have coming into this fight against Castillo that will ensure a victory for yourself?

Fres Oquendo: My jab, my quickness, and my experience.

BT:  Castillo does fight in the southpaw stance.  How do you rate yourself when going up against a southpaw?

Fres Oquendo:  It’s better for me.  Look how I dominated Chris Byrd.

BT:  Do you feel you need to go in there on Saturday and knock Castillo out to prove your worth in the heavyweight division?

Fres Oquendo:  Not really.  As long as I show that I’m dominant against Castillo on Friday, then that’s as good as knocking him out.

BT:  What is your plan for getting back in the ring after defeating Castillo this Friday?

Fres Oquendo:   I look forward to staying active.  Fight someone like a Juan Carlos Gomez, and then whoever they say is the best heavyweight out there.

BT:  What can we expect to see from Fres Oquendo this Friday?

Fres Oquendo:  A spectacular victory.


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