Freitas announces retirement from boxing


Freitas announces retirement from boxing

Banner Promotions president Art Pelullo said today, “Acelino called me and told me that he wanted to retire from boxing, and that he wanted to make the announcement in his hometown of Salvador, Brazil. “We want to send out this joint statement today to thank everybody for their support during his great career.


“Acelino is a real life rags-to-riches story. We’ve been together for nine years, starting with the Boxcino tournament in 1997, and he is very happy with the career that he’s had and his very impressive accomplishments.


“He won four world titles, something that very few boxers have accomplished. He’s been able to provide a bright future for his family, as well as helping young boxers in Brazil with their careers. Who could ask for more than that?


“At this point in his life, Acelino wants to move on and pursue other interests, which include continuing to promote boxing in Brazil.


“We both knew this day would come.  We had a hell of a run together and I couldn’t be more proud of him and how he handled himself throughout his career.  I look forward to my on-going working relationship with Acelino in the new phase of his career, as a boxing promoter.”