Fortune speaks on Pacquiao victory!

By Brad Cooney


Fortune speaks on Pacquiao victory!

Sunday morning smiles in the Manny Pacquiao camp were abundant to say the least. Manny PacquiAo's conditioning coach Justin Fortune talksto Boxingtalk about Manny's fight against Erik Morales, and brings us up to speed on Manny's schedule for the rest of the week.

BT - Justin first of all congratulations on a temendous job with Manny Pacquiao, he looked to be in super shape for this fight.

JF - Thanks Brad, we had a great camp. The main thing is that Manny listened to Freddie, he listened to every thing he said in the ring and that's how we were able to finish off a great warrior like Erik Morales.

BT - Early in the fight Manny was behind a little bit on the cards, was there any concern in Manny's corner after the 3rd round?

JF - No not really, Manny was just caught off balance a couple of times but you have seen him fight Brad, he always looks off balance. He has a strange style, but it works. Once Manny started going to the body the outcome of the fight changed.

BT - It's obvious that Manny's mind was clear, and he was ready. I mean Justin this guy was throwing 9 punch combinations, upper-cuts, jabs, how proud are you of Manny?

JF - Very proud, and Freddie is extremely proud too, you should see Freddie's face, he hasn't stopped smiling all day (laughing).

BT - Justin this question is for Manny's fans in The Philippines, when will Manny get on the plane and head home?

JF - Manny will get on a plane on Wednesday and head back home to The Philippines.

BT - Justin last question, is there anything you would like to say to Erik Morales?

JF - My hats off to a great warrior, and if he wants a rematch, we'll do it again.


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