Forrest ready to serve Mora a dish best served cold!

By G. Leon


Forrest ready to serve Mora a dish best served cold!

GL:  We're a week away from your big rematch against Sergio Mora.  Give us your thoughts on your training camp, and what we can expect to see from you on Saturday night.  "You can expect to see me at my best, training camp went really well.  We're finishing up sparring today, and I'm ready to go.  Now I just have to wait until the 13th and take care of business."

GL:  This is the first time in your long career that you've trained at home.  Now that the experience is over, how would you summarize it?  Is it something you see yourself doing again in the future?

Vernon Forrest:  Absolutely.  I always thought you had to go off for camp, and hibernate in isolation to get the eye of the tiger.  In reality, all I had to do was go to the gym like I'm supposed to do.  I went to the gym and did what I was supposed to do, and I had a great camp.  We trained three times a day, and I was looking forward to it.  I was training so much, I would eat, sleep, and start training.

GL:  Do you think this fight is going the distance?

VF:  It may or it might not.  The only thing I want to do is get my championship back.  As long as I get my championship back, it's all good.

GL:  Did you any any more homework on Mora this time, compared to last time?

VF:  Yes, I got almost a photographic memory when it comes to fights.  I play that fight back in my mind all the time.  I understand that he can still stretch out a little bit, but he is what he is.  He doesn't have enough experience to change up too much.  I'm looking forward to seeing what he does, him being more aggressive.  He's going to by hyped about it.  I'm going to be coming hard but not forgetful of the game plan.

GL:  Now that you have the proper amount of time to prepare for the fight, and there haven't been any postponements or cancellations, are you absolutely confident that you're not going to get gassed on Saturday night?

VF:  I'm running on all cylinders, so you don't have to worry about that. 

GL:  Other than not getting winded early, what do you plan on doing on the 13th that you didn't do the first time around?

VF:  Win.

GL:  Give me closing thoughts.

VF:  Make sure you tune in to HBO PPV this Saturday, September 13th.  It's going to be an explosive fight.  As always the best boxers in the world are on  Get all your information on, but make sure you check out the fight on HBO PPV September 13th.


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