Forrest on Baldomir Fight: "It's going to be a boxing lesson!"

By G. Leon


Forrest on Baldomir Fight: "It's going to be a boxing lesson!"

GL: Can we have some final thoughts on your WBC title fight with Carlos Baldomir on Saturday night? "I think people are really going to enjoy this fight. It's the classic type of fight with a boxer and a brawler. You have two guys who are hungry and you have two guys who are going to go out there and give it 110% effort. You got a consummate boxer in myself and a forward moving fighter in Baldomir. I believe people are going to get their monies worth and be very entertained with the fight this weekend."

GL: How pleased were you when you first learned of this fight taking place for the vacant WBC title?

VF: "I knew it was going to be for the title from day one, but the politics prevented me from talking about it until nature played its course. My thing was to work hard and get into the best shape possible to win this fight. Everything  else will just work itself out."

GL: From what we've seen on Baldomir his head appears to be made out of Titanium. With that being said, how important will your body work be this weekend?

VF: "My bodywork is definitely a priority in this fight. I have very tender hands and I'm not trying to hurt him by going after his head. He's got a big head and he could take a good punch. I've been working very hard on shot placement during this camp and I'm expecting everything to work out well."

GL: We've already seen you outbox Shane Mosley, can we expect a boxing lesson on Saturday night?

VF: "Absolutely. I have a whole bag of tricks I can't wait to unveil in this fight and it's going to remind people that I'm one of the best boxers in the world. I've worked on a lot of new things and there's a method to my madness, but you have to pay close attention to catch it."

GL: How confident are you that people will recognize you as the force at 154 on Sunday morning?

VF: "I'm very confident of it. From the day I turned pro, I wanted to become a multi-division champion. I had always envisioned this and now it's about to happen so getting this championship right now is what I'm eating, drinking and sleeping right now. Right now I'm all about getting that strap around my waist."

GL: Can we expect a boxing lesson that ends within twelve rounds?

VF: "I'm definitely going to be shooting for it. Everything is designed for the fight to end early, but the guy is a durable fighter so we're going to see how much punishment he can take. I'm not going to play him cheap, but he better not play me cheap either."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

VF: "We're out here on the far west coast for this fight, but hopefully my company Fight Night Promotions will make sure my next fight is on the east side, so people need to start looking for special things from vernon Forrest."


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