Forrest Coming To Stop Piccirillo!

By G. Leon


Forrest Coming To Stop Piccirillo!

GL: We're just days away from your mandatory defense against Michele Piccirillo on Showtime Championship Boxing, how are you feeling and what can we expect to see from you on Saturday night? "I'm feeling well and very good and the fans can expect to see another spectacular fight come Saturday night."

GL: You dominated Carlos Baldomir in your last fight to capture the title, how do you build on that effort agaisnt somebody like Piccrillo, who might not be as easy to find or eager to exchange?

Vernon Forrest: "What makes a great fighter is a guy who's able to adapt to different styles. Not everybody is going to be a comer. Piccirillo is the opposite of Baldomir so you have to train in different ways and have different strategies and we're prepared for whatever he brings come Saturday night."

GL: Did you catch the Mayorga-Vargas fight?

VF: "Nah, I didn't see it."

GL: I'm sure you're aware that Mayorga got the win. In previous discussions you've made it clear that you had a great interest in fighting the winner, is that still the case?

VF: "Absolutely. It's definitely a fight that I want and a fight that I have to have before I'm done in the fight game. If comes down to 154 we could make it happen."

GL: Have you studied Piccrillo any since our last discussion?

VF: "Absolutely. I've studied him well and Al Mitchell he's my strategist and he's the best strategist in the game and he's done broken him down to the very last compound. We've got some big things popping on Saturday night."

GL: But will there be little things stopping?

VF: "No doubt."

GL: We know you're not one for predictions, but do you see Piccrillo going the distance if you implement Al's strategy?

VF: "Not really. I haven't scored a knockout in a long time so we're definitely going to be looking for the stoppage with this guy."

GL: How do you feel about making your Showtime debut? Are you eager to build a long lasting relationship with Showtime or are you looking to return to HBO?

VF: "You know what? I feel that Showtime wants to be in the business of Vernon Forrest. I read a comment that Antonio Tarver made on Boxingtalk and he said that he was happy that Showtime was in the business of Antonio Tarver. I thought about that and I really feel the same way. I've enjoyed my relationship with HBO and at the end of the day I'm interested in being in business with whoever wants to do business with me. Not only with Vernon Forrest the fighter, but with Vernon Forrest the promoter. I'm also a promoter and I'm looking for an opportunity where somebody is interested in dealing with me as a fighter, but as well my promotional company."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

VF: "Fight Night Promotions will be doing be things in 2008. Look forward for another dominating performance come Saturday night."


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