Floyd Mayweather Jr: Dancing With The Stars, Dying To Make Hatton See Stars

By G. Leon


Floyd Mayweather Jr: Dancing With The Stars, Dying To Make Hatton See Stars

GL:  BoxingTalk.com here with the creme-de-la-creme, the pound for pound king of boxing, Pretty Boy Floyd Mayweather.  Moments before the official announcement of the December 8th PPV showdown with Ricky Hatton, being billed as "Undefeated".  Tell us about it. "You know, I've been here before, I know what it takes.  I'm a little tired, the press tour, and Dancing with the Stars.  I've been through it all, but it is what it is.  I guess he's the best that Brittan has to offer, he's the best fighter in London.  I'm the best fighter in the world.  You run those two together, he's undefeated, I'm undefeated, it's country vs. country.  Come December 8th, we're going to have a fight."

GL:  He's been saying he's coming, and he's bringing his whole country with him on his back.  Obviously you're doing dancing with the stars, and preparing for a major fight at the same time.  He mentioned that he takes you doing that project as a disrespect, and counts it as more motivation for him.  

FMJ:  I don't really care how he's going to come.  How he's going to come, is how he's going to come.  I'm going to be the same old Floyd Mayweather, I'm going to go out there and keep my composure, box and stick to the game plan.  I'm gong to listen to my uncle, Roger.  I'm going to listen to Leonard, and stay focused.  I've been here so many times.  Seventeen or eighteen championship fights, I'm at the pinnicle of my career.  I want to continue to be successful, not only in, but outside of the ring as well.

GL:  I spoke with Leonard the other day, he made it clear with me that Hatton is not going the distance.  You said it yourself, that De La Hoya and Judah weren't going the distance, but they did go the distance.  Is Hatton definitely getting stopped...

FMJ:  Well, we had Judah on the way out, you saw what happened.  I got hit with the low blow.  With De La Hoya, I told you I was going to stand there and fight, and I boxed a little bit, but I also stood a little to-to-toe.  I feel harder, if I dug down a lot harder, I could have got the job done.  That's in the past, my main focus is Ricky Hatton.  I'm going out there and executing the game plan.

GL:  How do you feel about Hatton's fighting style?  He does a lot of hitting and holding, are you hoping that a referee is watching the fight closely?

FMJ:  Hopefully, he doesn't think that hitting and holding is exciting, at all.  I don't think it's exciting.  I've proved it in the past, the world knows who I've fought, and what I've done.  I'm just going to maintain my cool, go out there, and approach it like a champion.  It's a big fight, I'm going to give it my all, give it 100%.  I'm going to continue to be the best I can be, and bless my family with the blessing I'm recieving. 

GL:  What made you decide to do Dancing with the Stars, and what are you hoping comes from that, other than the exposure obviously?

FMJ:  It's just the challenge, to be a fighter, to be an athlete competing on two big stages.  What Floyd Mayweather loves to do, and has always done, is make the impossible possible.  For me to be prepared for one the biggest fights in the welterweight division, when it's country vs. country, also my partner is the best, pound for pound, dancer in the world, according to Smirnoff.  She's absolutely gorgeous, she's a marvelous person.  She taught me a lot, and I had to become a team player.

GL:  Floyd Mayweather Jr. is making ballroom dancing flashy and flamboyant?

FMJ:  I'm just sticking to the game plan.  She's the leader, when it comes to Dancing with the Stars.  I'm just enjoying myself, and enjoying life.

GL:  Do you plan to continue fighting at 147?

FMJ:   Like I said before, I told you guys that if I had to come back and do business with De La Hoya, if the price is right, I'm going to make it happen.  I'm back at it again, and the price is right.

GL:  It's obvious to me that the winner of this fight would be the most logical choice for Oscar's next megafight.  Do you feel the same way?

FMJ:  I'm not even going to talk about a fight with Oscar.  My main focus right now is Ricky Hatton.

GL:  Thank you for the non-answer, can you give us some closing thoughts for the fans.

FMJ:  To all my fans out there, I appreciate your support.  We all know who's doing the real numbers.   You see the numbers I did in my last fight.  You see I just sold the ring out in thirty minutes.  We know who the draw is in the sport of boxing, we all know who the cash cow is.  We all know Zab Judah made his biggest payday with Floyd Mayweather.  Oscar De La Hoya made his biggest payday with Floyd Mayweather.  Ricky Hatton's made his biggest payday with Floyd Mayweather.  Baldomir made his biggest payday with Floyd Mayweather.  We know who the cash cow in the sport is.  I just want to continue to be the best.  Golden Boy Promotions is one hell of a company, and we have Mayweather promotions in a joint venture.  Oscar is one hell of a promoter,  and Richard Shaeffer and Leonard Ellerbe, and Al when those guys negotiate deals, it's unreal.  I love doing business with Golden Boy Promotions, and Mayweather promotions is the future of boxing also. 


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