Flores looking to impress tonight!

By Darren Nichols


Flores looking to impress tonight!

Coming off a knockout victory last March, heavyweight BJ Flores is as much prepared and confident as he is eager to get back in the ring tomorrow as part of ESPN’s Friday Night Fights to show the boxing world what he is made of.  Flores knows that with another win notched on his belt, a title shot will be fast approaching that would give him more exposure to the boxing world and a possible championship belt around his waist.  And for Flores, he knows his opponent Frank Walker is just another stepping stone to reaching his goal of superstardom.

BoxingTalk: What have you been doing to get yourself ready for your fight on Friday Night Fights?

BJ Flores: We’ve been working.  We’ve been in camp for 7 weeks and sparring for 4 weeks.  What can I say, we’ve worked hard and I’m ready to bring it.

BoxingTalk: What do you know about your opponent?

BJ Flores: My opponent is Frank Walker.  He’s 11-1-1 with 5 knockouts.  He was a pretty solid amateur, but other than that I don’t know a whole lot about him.  All I can say is that we’re ready for him.

BoxingTalk: What will this fight and a win on Friday do for your career?

BJ Flores: This fight is going to be huge for my career.  ESPN has such a large audience, and I’m just thrilled to be on it.  A lot of people will get a chance to see me fight on Friday.

BoxingTalk: What is your game plan for Friday?

BJ Flores: My game plan is to go out there and overcome anything Walker brings.  I’ve had such a great camp, it doesn’t matter what he brings.  All I know is that my body shots will be coming early and often.

BoxingTalk: Is there any added pressure to go for the knockout since your fight is televised on ESPN?

BJ Flores: There’s no pressure at all.  I guarantee there will be a chance for me to go for the knockout within the eight rounds, and I will take it.

BoxingTalk: What can we expect from BJ Flores after Friday?

BJ Flores: We’re looking to fight again on August 20th on the Fernando Vargas undercard.  After that we’ll be looking for a small title.  Friday is going to be a great night, and I’m very very exciting because the preparation has been put in.

BoxingTalk: What do you want people to know about you after they see you fight on Friday?

BJ Flores: I want everyone to know that I am coming to fight and one to be reckoned with.  I know that I my fight with Walker will be an exciting one, and people will want to see me fight again after Friday.

BoxingTalk thanks Mr. Flores for taking the time to speak with us.  We wish him continued success both in and out of the ring.


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