Finkel Proves That Watley Is Not His Partner And Says He'll Prove Everything Else Wrong In Court!

By G. Leon


Finkel Proves That Watley Is Not His Partner And Says He'll Prove Everything Else Wrong In Court!

Mike Tyson's manager Shelly Finkel faxed a copy of his two-page agreement with (Thaddeus) Ted Watley. Contrary to what Watley told Boxingtalk on September 6, that he and Finkel "are still partners", part of section 4 of the agreement, which Finkel read to us from  yesterday, does in fact state, "Nothing in this agreement shall create or constitute a relationship of partnership, joint venture, agency." One might wonder if Watley, who is in fact entitled to 50% of what Finkel makes on Tyson's next two fights, couldn't get his facts straight on something so rudimentary as the legal status of his relationship with Finkel, how many other holes will be found when the matter goes before a judge? In his most recent interview with Boxingtalk Watley states, "I wish Shelly Finkel and Gary Shaw would sue me", and it looks like his wish is going to come true within the next 48hours.  Just minutes ago, conducted an exclusive interview with Finkel regarding this matter, shortly after the conclusion of this interview Finkel conferenced in former heavyweight champion Larry Holmes, who gave us his opinion on Ted Watley.

"Ted Watley said that Shelly Finkel is afraid to sue him because of what will come out, but I'm sure Ted Watley will realize very shortly that, that is incorrect as is everything else in his statement. Second, again, I refute everything that he said and the difference between him and I is, I have proof of everything."

GL: Ted Watley says that he's entitled to 50% of whatever you make on Mike Tyson, is that correct?

Shelly Finkel: "That was correct."

GL: Are you saying was because you after you take legal action against him that will no longer be correct?

SF: "That the courts will decide."

GL: Ted Watley told me that he only made $72,000 on the Tyson Vs. Williams fight....

SF: (cutting in) "That is a lie."

GL: Watley said he only made $72,000 off the fight and he also guaranteed me that you made a lot more than that.

SF: "That is a lie and it will also be proven. He made more than that, a lot more than that."

GL: Can you explain the difference between a partner (with Tyson)  and somebody who makes 50% of what you do?

SF: "Contractually it says that he is not a partner. A partnership is a specific thing that is created legally. Our agreement specifically says that he is not my partner. He gets a fee from me for doing certain work for me. I am the exclusive contract with Mike Tyson and no one else. He has no part of my deal with Tyson, he has a deal with me and he is not my partner and my contract with him specifically states that."

GL: People might look at this and say, why give him 50% to serve as a father-figure to Mike? What's the reasoning behind giving Ted Watley 50%?

SF: "I made a mistake and Ted Watley conned me very good and I learned as I hope I learn everyday. I made a big mistake."

GL: Legally Ted Watley is not your partner, but is he entitled to an accounting of what's gone on with the Tyson Vs. Williams fight?

SF: "I don't think so. I can he can have something with me, he has no rights to Tyson at all, but if he legally is entitled to it I'd be glad to show it because there was nothing to hide."

GL: Dan Goossen, in the second Thomas Hauser piece, said it would be interesting to see how the numbes would look if you were audited with Tyson as Don King once was. If in fact, this situation goes to court and that happens, is there no doubt the numbers would be kosher?

SF: "More than that, I have already been audited by the creditors and debtors committee for the Tyson bankruptcy and everything was perfect there nothing for me to be concerned about."

GL: When you were audited was that detailed to where they went over everything with a magnifying glass and a fine tooth comb?

SF: "Two fined tooth combs, because they subpoened every record of everyone. From the lawyers, myself, Showtime, everyone."

GL:  What is your percentage of Mike Tyson's purses?

SF: "Under 10%."

GL: And the only income you've received with regards to Mike Tyson came directly from his purses, correct?

SF: "Correct."

Shortly after the conclusion of the interview, Finkel conferenced in former heavyweight champion Larry Holmes, who has had previous dealings with Watley. Holmes described Watley as a "conman" a "butt-hole" and "not the kind of person you want around you."


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